CU Talks – Fun with Conspiracy Theories – ep.010

Tonight  your Hosts Shawn Holster & Nikolaos Dimopoulos do an interview with Ken Clark of Grassroots Radio Colorado about the 2nd Amendment issues going on in Colorado. Then we have fun with conspiracy theories and other random topics in this weeks news cycle!

UPDATE: Ken Clark couldn’t make it, he’ll reschedule. This show ended up being all about conspiracy theories!


CU Talks – Conservatives and Racism – ep.009

Conservatives are accused of racism, fairly consistently. Is it true, false, some of both? How can the “conventional wisdom” be changed? What steps might be effective?

With your Hosts Shawn Holster & Nikolaos Dimopoulos

CU Talks – Leftist Tactics and Forming A Tea Party Chapter – ep.006

In the first hour we discuss the tactics used by the Progressive Left; the second hour we have a great conversation with Felecia Cravens, founder of the Houston Tea Party on how one goes about forming a local Tea Party Organization.

With hosts Shawn Holster and Nikolaos Dimopoulos

CU Talks – Open Forum – ep.003

An open discussion of the topics of this last week. Benghazi developments, the continuing mollycoddling of the Obama administration by the MSM, the continuing gun debate and more.

With hosts Shawn Holster and Nikolaos Dimopoulos

CU Talks – What Makes America Great – ep.002

What makes America great?

What is the Foundation of American Exceptionalism?

Historically, great superpowers have not lasted longer than 200 years. Why is America different and can it be broubht back from the brink?

With hosts Shawn Holster and Nikolaos Dimopoulos

CU Talks – 2nd Amendment, Gun Rights – ep.001

Discussion regarding the 2nd Amendment

  • Host Introductions
  • Meaning of the 2nd Amendment
  • Current legislation
  • Events that happened that could have been prevented if CC citizens were present
  • Disarming people agenda? Conspiracy Theory or fact?
  • Misuse of firearms
  • Background checks
  • Statistics / Facts
  • Open Discussion

With hosts Shawn Holster and Nikolaos Dimopoulos