So This Is The True Face Of Progressives?

WWII Vets at the Memorial
WWII Vets at the Memorial

Can someone explain this to me? WWII Veterans, our Greatest Generation, were refused entry into Their Memorial. Mind you, the government has shut down non- essential services. Yet this is a an open park, and Security was hired to Keep them OUT.  One reported that they called in and were told they would be arrested if they entered the park.

Understand, this is an Open Park. Which means that an order was put in to specifically close it down. I read that Judicial Watch filed a FOIA to find out specifically what is going on, and who ordered it. I tweeted about that earlier.

People, this is what the true face of the New America is: it’s not about universal healthcare, free school lunches, advertising to mexico on how to file for Food Stamps…it’s about American Exceptionalism: The Greatest Generation were it and The current Administration hates that. I truly believe that. When Obama said he was going to fundamentally change America, this is what he meant. I have to go back to work, to pay for all these services, but I leave you with this:

The question you have to ask yourself is this: what was so wrong with America that we need to change out Foundational core?

Chew on that, comment, but most important; Email, tweet, fax, call your senator, your representative. if they are for funding the government, but defunding Obamacare, tell them to Hold The Line, Stand Firm and do not Waver. Simple as that. If they are Democrat, tell them to change their vote or they will be gone in the next election.

Quit being an Observer in your government, and be a participant.

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