Denial and Dishonesty in Foreign Affairs, Legislation Fights, and Candidacies

Dishonesty ended up being the running theme through this week’s podcast. The denial side of it is dangerously evident in the speeches we get from the State Department – Marie Harf saying that #Jobs4Jihadis would fix things better than just killing them all. Then there’s the political-spin type of dishonesty in the debate about the DHS funding bill. Then the money-grubbing cronyism dishonesty in the FDAs decades-long deception about cholesteral. Finally, the pernicious elitist dishonesty evident in all of the scorn and derision being heaped on Scott Walker for…gasp!…not having a college diploma.

It sounds very depressing, and it kind of is, but there’s a span there where all of your hosts lose it and giggle like the 12 year olds we really are.

It’s all in the podcast

Your hosts


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