The Refinery ep.1429: Resolutions for Conservatives

The Conservative Union’s Leslie & Ryan, The Party Of Choice’s Cori & Andy, and Free Radical Network’s Felicia & JD discuss some New Year’s Resolution ideas for the Conservative movement!

Resolutions like:

  • Remember Who The Real Enemy Is
  • Source Everything
  • Fight Hard, But Don’t Be A Jerk
  • Winning is a Principle
  • Think Twice Before You Write People Off
  • Calling people ‘stupid’ didn’t work for #Gruber, and it won’t work for us.


Andy’s article ‘Message to the GOP: Go Slow’ –

Red Tape is Strangling Good Samaritans –

Kid Tears Up Store –

Andy’s article ‘Intellectual Cover’ –

Clickbait Headlines –

The Dexter Defense (You Are Stupid) –

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