The Refinery ep.1428: Christmas Spirit, Two Americas, Bullying

On this week’s episode of #TheRefinery The Conservative Union’s Leslie & Ryan, The Party Of Choice’s Andy & Cori, and Free Radical Network’s Felicia, Peter, & JD get into the Christmas spirit with some holiday talk, we get into what might happen if the country was split into two new countries based on ideology, and we talk about “The Age Of The Bully” in our Left Tactics segment!


Abundance Without Attachment – Arthur Brooks –

4 Ways to Reduce Stress and Materialism This Christmas –

7 Ways to Simplify Your Christmas –

We Live in the Age of the Bully –

The Left Discovers You Shouldn’t Collectivize Guilt –

IRS Targeting –

Kurt Schlichter’s Free Market Jesus Paradise piece –

Republicans are Winning the Fiscal Fight –

Culberson Sets Record Straight on CROmnibus –

Foreign nationals job stats –

Immigrant Job Gains, Native Job Losses –

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