The Refinery ep.1403

A collaborative project of Free Radical Network, The Party Of Choice, and The Conservative Union. Members of each group come to together to discuss messaging successes, failures, and strategies in an effort to make ourselves, and the movement as a whole, better at selling Liberty.

Because if we can’t sell Liberty, we suck; but if we can’t learn how to sell Liberty, we are defeated

To watch live and chat with the hosts go to

For more information about this project


Erick Erickson linking to Democrat fundraiser page in #MSSEN

The Party of Choice video ‘War on Women’

Kevin Williamson’s article on One Size Fits All

Gen Opp’s Creepy Uncle Sam ad 1

Gen Opp’s Creepy Uncle Sam ad 2

Darius Foster ‘In A Box’ Ad (AL HD56)

Darius Foster Fox Interview

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