The Police are NOT Required to Protect You

The constabulary does not have a legal requirement to protect the citizenry. Their mandate is simply to prosecute crime in progress or in post. There’s quite a bit of propaganda behind the phrase “To Protect and Serve”, but neither is actually part of the actual mission of local and state law enforcement, if the Left’s drivel is to be believed. This is why the gun control debate is so important. The Left wants to remove the very weapons law abiding citizens would use to protect themselves absent a constabulary that would provide that service for us. It is because this service cannot be provided for us in any meaningful way by any government agency that the citizen’s right to protect themselves was affirmed in the Constitution’s Second Amendment.

The other, less clear reason for the very clear affirmation of the unalienable right to bear arms by the citizenry in the Constitution, was as a last defense against tyranny at any level in the Government. This is directly implied in the Amendment, and was clearly expounded upon by the Founders at the time of the Constitutional Convention. The very idea that the constabulary should protect the citizenry at all times should frighten every citizen to their very core. What cost does that protect extract from the citizen? What measures would be deemed acceptable by the Government in pursuit of this protective service’s execution? Over time, what liberties would the citizenry be compelled to surrender in return for the protection the Government would be mandated to provide, should this have been the case throughout history? Further still, how long until the cost once thought to be sufficient is then found lacking, as was found after the passage of the Patriot Act and NDAA and other forms of liberty constricting legislation foisted upon the citizenry by lawmakers under the guise of protection of National Security interests?

The citizens of the United States were positively affirmed in the Constitution to have the unalienable right to bear arms because they were also positively identified as their own last defense against tyrannical threats against their own lives, in singular or multiple forms, be it from assailants or governmental infringements upon one’s person and/or property. There is no reasonable way, under the restrictions the Constitution places on the government in its interaction with the individual, for the government at any level to provide the protection a citizen would need in the event their life was threatened. The Left would have you believe that any means is justifiable in pursuit of the seemingly noble ends of protecting you from harm, both from assailants and from yourself. It is because of their belief that any means are justified that the ends are not to be considered noble, and because of this, any time the Left suggests surrendering the smallest measure of your liberty in return for the smallest measure of protection that they should be seen as tyrants.

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