The Refinery E34: Trash Police, PC Craziness, Fighting All the Time

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This week’s topic:

On this episode of #TheRefinery, The Conservative Union’s Leslie & Ryan, The Party Of Choice’s Cori & Andy, and Free Radical Network’s Felicia & JD talk about Seattle’s ban on THROWING OUT FOOD, Political Correctness, and discuss “Fighting ‘Til They Win” in our Left Tactics segment!

Of course, the FIRST thing we talk about…Florida Man calls Texans Crazy. 

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Florida Man calls Texas ‘Crazy’ –

Fingers Malloy – Seattle’s Garbge Police –

Emily Zanotti – GOP Candidates, Stop Talking About Vaccines –

Jonah Goldberg – China Syndrome Liberalism –

Why Government Money Can’t Fix Poverty –

It’s Never Over Until the Left Wins – Voter ID –

Shaneen Allen Is Free (Basically) –

Right on Crime –

Families Against Mandatory Minimums –

GenOpp –

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