Bibi, Poverty and Les Mis

Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection, Mickey Kaus’s abrupt departure from The Daily Caller, why Justin Amash wants a Texas State Representative primaryed, hear about Felicia Craven’s latest article Poverty v. Amnesty ( and discuss… Les Misérables?!

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News of the Possible

S.E. Cupp for mayor of New York? It’s a possibility. The Daily Caller reports:

S.E. Cupp, the lone conservative voice on MSNBC’s afternoon show “The Cycle,” is being urged to run for mayor of New York City as a Republican, The Daily Caller has learned.

But Cupp tells TheDC that despite the urging from political operatives, she’s not interested in leaving her TV gig for Gracie Mansion.

If Cupp isn’t interested, why is this news? (Note: Hillary wasn’t interested in a Senate run, either. Not that I’m comparing Cupp to Clinton…just throwing it out there.) The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein noted in today’s DC Morning:

If Cupp changes her mind and runs, she wouldn’t be the first conservative pundit to run for the office. The late, great conservative icon William F. Buckley, Jr. made a run for New York mayor in 1965 on the Conservative Party ticket in order to inject conservative ideas into a race that pitted a liberal Democrat against a liberal who called himself a Republican. When asked by a reporter what he would do if he won, Buckley famously quipped: “Demand a recount.”

Meanwhile, a women’s advocacy group by the name of  WAM!, or Women, Action and the Media (we’ve never heard of them either), is auctioning “a one-on-one strategy session with [Sandra] Fluke to help get the bidder’s campaign off the ground.” Among the top bidders so far are The Daily Caller and Breitbart’s Joel Pollak. While TheDC has to my knowledge been quiet about their bid, Breitbart hasn’t, and I love them for it.

Seeing either of these scenarios play out would be wonderful. It’s nice to see conservatives putting the left on the defensive instead of playing the victim. Keep up the good work, friends!