CU Talks – News of the Day, Made Good – ep.031

Thanksgiving-Brownscombe[1]This week’s podcast is here!

Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for our families, our friends, our listeners, and our nation – the BEST nation on God’s green earth.

News of the day, with an optimistic outlook. Coca-cola does something amazing, shop AMERICAN MADE this Christmas, the Nuclear Option + Obamacare = OMG!!!!, and Saeed Abedani is still in Iranian prison.

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  • What does it mean to me?
  • How can we look at and talk about the news of the day in a way that grows the movement and keeps us happy, productive, and successful?

With your Hosts Leslie P & Nikolaos Dimopoulos

Happy Thanksgiving from Liberty’s Torch

As the holiday season begins most Americans begin to think about family, friends, giving and the love they share with those they hold dear. The same goes for those of us at the Spitcracker Picayune, and we’d like very much to extend our wish of a peaceful and bountiful Thanksgiving to everyone.

Be safe and prosperous today! Happy Thanksgiving!

Before you get mad at Wal-Mart…

More stores are starting Black Friday early this year (since when is Thursday Friday?). Wal-Mart employees in particular have made a stink about it.

Here’s the thing: They wouldn’t be open at all if they didn’t think they could make money. And the only way they can make money is if you and I shop. On Thanksgiving.

Try this: Instead of inhaling turkey with an eye on the clock, slow down and relax a little. Take a day off from chasing the latest gizmo or whatsit. Spend some time with friends and family; if you don’t have any of either, go take a walk, or play a game, or watch a marathon if your favorite show on Netflix. Do something other than shopping.

It’s easy to want to blame our culture of consumerism on the greed of Evil Corporations. Fact is, we enable them. Don’t be an enabler.

It’s Thanksgiving. Find something to be thankful about.

Also, Beastie Boys.