Bibi, Poverty and Les Mis

Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection, Mickey Kaus’s abrupt departure from The Daily Caller, why Justin Amash wants a Texas State Representative primaryed, hear about Felicia Craven’s latest article Poverty v. Amnesty ( and discuss… Les Misérables?!

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Why Bother Understanding the Left?

Understand the Left, so that you can DEFEAT the Left. The committed leftist does not care about the economic effects of their policy. Don’t waste their time trying to get them to care. Your friends CARE that jobs are leaving CA and heading to TX. Your friends CARE that they will never be able to open that bakery they dream about. You can persuade your friend that the conservative view is better for them.

Dennis Prager points out in this great article the devastating economic facts about CA, and then points out that the left doesn’t care.

Most conservatives, and just about all independents, have a huge misperception of the left. They think that the gulf between conservatism and leftism is primarily about means, not goals.
This perception is wrong. It is their goals that are irreconcilable. And until conservatives, independents and the Republican Party understand this, it will not be possible to defeat the left.

Many of you know this. Many of you may get angry about it. That’s fine, but are you using this information to your own benefit, to save you time, to improve your chance at success with online activism?

Or are you just expressing anger to your friends, gaining solidarity, and having fun? That’s perfectly fine, and a totally appropriate use of social media, just make sure that what you are doing is aligned with your goals.

Understand the Left, so that you can DEFEAT the Left

If you are on social media with some thought to helping the cause of conservatism, you need to make sure that your efforts are focused, efficient, and targeted effectively.

Stop wasting your time arguing with leftists and trying to convince them of anything. Leave that toe professional debaters, the people who get paid to argue on TV, the entertainers. They aren’t accomplishing much for the movement, but they are making themselves rich and famous. Hooray for them, and horray for you if you want to become one of them, just don’t be delusional about it. That is not where the battle can be won.

DO spend your time educating genuine independents, informing the non-political, shaping your message for those who are receptive to it.

Leftists really don’t care about economic results. They care about inequaltiy and carbon emissions.

You don’t have to memorize a pile of statistics, you don’t have to hold forth on a deeply detailed legislative analysis. If you find yourself arguing with someone about whether CA is a better business environment than TX – walk away. You are arguing with a committed leftist, no one else is paying attention, and you are wasting your time.

If, however, you have the chance to mention some company that your friend cares about having just decided to leave CA and move someplace else – talk about that. How sad it is for the people in CA who are losing their jobs, how sad it is for all of the supporting companies that will lose customers. How it’s great that there are other states competing to get THEIR business, just like that company competes to get yours.

These discussions are easy to have, and they express genuine  understanding, compassion, and caring for the very real people involved. THIS is the way to talk about the economic benefit of small government versus big government.

Your friends CARE that jobs are leaving CA and heading to TX. Your friends CARE that they will never be able to open that bakery they dream about. You can persuade your friend that the conservative view is better for them.

Learn about the other side. Recognize them, respect them enough to not try to change them.

The committed leftist does not care about the economic effects of their policy. Don’t waste their time trying to get them to care. Your detailed and intellectual argument persuades no one.

Find a better way. Don’t try to convert the left, they’ve already taken up arms against you. Work on recruiting the folks who are not on the battlefield yet.

Texas Primary – Early Voting Starts Today! Here’s a Bit of Assistance


The Texas Primary – it happens early, election day is March 4, early voting starts today. Get out there and vote! In SO many of the races, the district is so heavily one party or another that the Primary IS the election. If you wait until November to let your voice be heard, and think that just voting straight GOP ticket is enough – you’ve let someone else make your decision for you. Don’t like the current state of the GOP? It’s the PRIMARY where you can have some say in the matter.early-voting

It’s the Primary where you choose your party officials, the guys or gals who will REALLY pull the levers of power for the next few years. It’s the PRIMARY where you can upgrade from a moderate to a conservative GOP candidate. If your district is run by a moderate who

has been in office forever and who seems to go his own way, go vote for the guy running against him. That incumbent will probably still win, but if he sees his margin of victory is narrower, and that there’s a groundswell of opposition, he might change his behavior. Don’t ever stop fighting, don’t ever stop letting your voice be heard. Make sure you are speaking in a language they understand – VOTES.

Here are a few sources to help you out with the voting:
Vote Texas – the official site of the TX Secretary of State
Republican Party of Texas – find out who is running
Michael Berry’s Commentary and recommendations – I believe you can trust this guy to shoot straight with you. You may disagree with him, sure, but I think you can trust his integrity.
Empower Texans warns about some of the conservative slate mailers you’ve received
Bryan Preston of the PJ Tatler has interviews with the 4 Lt.Gov candidates, and a bunch of VERY useful links

vote-2012_11If you’ve got some other good resources, I’d love to know, and I’ll update this post. It’s RIDICULOUSLY hard to figure out who to vote for in the primaries. SO many races!

And I took to G+ to remind you to take your photo ID, and let you know that Eric Holder still thinks you’re a racist. Mostly because you’re Texan and have the audacity to think you don’t need him and his dumb Washington control freaks. Go vote, it’s like poking your finger in Eric Holder’s eye!

You’ll notice that the Comptroller race doesn’t have a recommendation on the HRBC slate mentioned by Michael Berry. I admit to not having researched this one myself, either. However, and it’s a BIG however, my friend Felicia Cravens is working for the Debra Medina campaign. Felicia founded the Houston Tea Party, substitute hosts on Houston AM Radio sometimes, is Editor-in-Chief at Free Radical Network, and if SHE supprorts Debra Medina for Comptroller, that’s really good enough for me!

Hey Texans! Go Vote!!!


Early voting ends Friday, election day is Tuesday

Turnout will be low – your vote will REALLY count. The tax money you save may be your own!!!!

Unions, incumbents, and those who stand to benefit from cronyism and corporatism will go vote – they have an incentive.

Do YOU have as much incentive to go save money?

It won’t take much of your time. It really is about the very least you can do and still call yourself a responsible Texan.

This is what’s up for a vote:

  • 9 Constitutional Amendments
  • City and School District Races

Off year voting is weird. There’s not much news about it, there isn’t a whole lot to get excited about. But EVERY election counts. There are “bond issues” every time, because there is ALWAYS some group or another who just HAS to borrow a big wad of money to build some fancy thing or other. And they’ll get all of their potential partners and friends to go vote for it, while you stay home, thinking nothing important is going on. Then you wonder – hey, I thought Texas was doing so well, and such a conservative place, how did all this stupid stuff happen?

Go vote – stop the stupid stuff.

But I don’t have TIME!!! Seriously? You’re gonna whine to me about that? You have exactly the same amount of time as every other person on the planet. And voting in an off year election will take next to ZERO time. Just go do it – it will take less time than you’d spend in the Whataburger Drive Thru.

But I haven’t researched the ISSUES!!! OK, that’s a valid one, but here’s the deal, if you’re reading this post, you’re already more informed and better able to make a snap judgment about politics than most of the people who will also be voting, so…just go do it, but first, here are the guidelines I use, I call it my…

Lazy-person’s voting strategy

If you don’t have time to research anything…

  • VOTE NO. Read the wording carefully enough that you catch it if they messed with it so that “no is yes”. but for the most part…just say no
    (Some stuff seems “nice” to vote for – like special treatment for veterans and stuff, but carveouts and special classes of people are anathema to equal justice, so…say no)
  • Bond issues – always vote no, even if you research it
  • Non-party races and primaries – vote against the incumbent unless you have researched and found the challenger to be a terrorist or something
  • Party races – vote for the GOP guy unless you’re sure that the Dem can’t win, then it’s safe to vote for the libertarian as a signal to the gop guy to not get cocky

Harris County Voting Plan

So for me, in Harris County, outside the city limits, what does this mean? Well, I don’t vote for Mayor or City Council or any of the Houston stuff, so that’s easy, I ignore it.

State Constitutional Amendments

YES to #2, NO to everything else

Harris County Bonds


Cy-Fair ISD

Only one race is even contested, and I’m just voting for the one who isn’t the incumbent, so I’m voting for Shaik Ahmed

Let’s foil the plans of the cronies and corporatists and union thugs, and go vote, and get our family members, coworkers, friends, and dead relatives neighbors to vote.

Here are some sites to look at to find out what you’re voting on:
Texas GOP has NOTHING about this election, NOTHING – bunch of LOSERS!

Get Voting info from the TX Secretary of State site: - Make Your Mark on Texas