The Refinery Redux 7/7/14

The RefineryDid you miss last week’s episode of  The Refinery (which you can catch LIVE, Tuesdays at 9:30pm eastern!) The new joint project with Free Radical Network,  The Party Of Choice and  The Conservative Union dedicated to better Conservative messaging?

Then I have great news for you!

For your viewing convenience, we have assembled some clips of just a few of the topics covered in last week’s show, capped off by the full 2:22 long episode, enjoy!

First off, some insight on the bleak political futures for Thad Cochran supporters.

Andrew Peth from The Party Of Choice explains how Chris McDaniel’s #MSSen loss can yield green shoots in Mississippi!

This clip is about the reemergence of the War On Women narrative that the Left had queued up and ready to go as soon as the Hobby Lobby decision dropped:  ZOMG 4 OLD WHITE MEN (and one old black man) HAVE DECLARED SEX A CRIME!

Clip three is another reminder that the Tea Party is pressuring entrenched politicians- and how big a deal that is!  We may (or may not) have lost the battle, but the war is still up for grabs.

This clip is a 5 minute clinic from Andrew Peth on how to flip the basis of the War On Women on its head- Narrative Judo at its best!

The final clip showcases a key problem with Liberal policymaking, and one that we haven’t used enough: One Size Fits All doesn’t work.  Want proof?  Go to Taco Bell.

And finally, here’s the full episode.  It was a great discussion (If I do say so myself) and one that you can contribute to LIVE in our chatroomtomorrow night at 9:30pm eastern.

Hope to see you there!

Why Right Now, I Think Chris Christie Is Our 2016 Nominee


O.K., before I get too far into this, DO NOT ATTACK ME.  I predict I will get hate through my comment section, twitter and elsewhere quite quickly.  Chris Christie posts do that, much like Mitt Romney posts got me kicked off of various conservative websites a few years ago.

This is not an endorsement; in fact, you could in some ways call it an ‘antiendorsement’.

But I think we are facing the very real possibility of Chris Christie surging ahead to become the 2016 GOP nominee.  And quite honestly, we really won’t have anyone to blame but ourselves.

If there was a big winner in the Obamacare defunding episode, Gov. Chris Christie was it.  In many ways, he benefits far more than any Democrat, and is ideally placed to take advantage of the political winds of the day.

Why do I say this?  First, let us review what the basic political trends of the past few weeks have been.

For the most part, the GOP marginalized itself.  We can argue whether defunding was a good or bad strategy, but the worst strategy of all is one where the party is going in three different directions, had no leadership or spine, and ultimately capitulates on every issue.  That is precisely what happened here.

Furthermore, for the large part of the populace that wasn’t really paying attention to the intricacies involved, the GOP looked like the radical party, shutting down government against the hapless President.  Yes, I stipulate that this is not the reality, but that is what the public saw.  And they made the decision to blame everyone in Washington, D.C….including President Obama.  However, let us also stipulate that they blamed Republicans more.

Third, the public is sick and tired of our broken political system.   They have basically declared a pox on both houses of both parties, and although the GOP has taken a larger hit, it isn’t by as much as many think.

So is the result of this scenario that I have drawn up?

Most importantly, it elevates an outside of the beltway executive who runs against the grain, fights the system, and is a different type of politician, who can declare that he/she is against both parties to a certain extent and will bring a new kind of politics to the White House.

Chris Christie, enter stage right.

To be sure, there are many others that could benefit from this as well.  Every reasonable GOP Governor could stake a claim on this same argument.  Rick Perry, Scott Walker, among others could make this argument.  But Christie has one added advantage:  he is not beholden to the Tea Party.  And for moderates and independents who are not beholden to the conservative base, that is a positive.

I know at this point my conservative brethren are ready to blow an aneurysm.  Christie is a Republican who basically stabbed our prior Republican nominee in the back on the eve of the 2012 election, a man who has questionable standing on some of our most basic foundations of conservatism (government spending, 2nd amendment rights, abortion, Obamacare, etc), and here I am still telling you he may triumph as the Republican nominee in 2016?

Hey, don’t blame me.  I just call them as I see them.

Conservatives (and I mean real conservatives, not just Republicans) better get their act together.  We want a chance to run a true conservative in 2016?  We better have policies that are acceptable to Americans.  We must base our campaign on policies that speak to middle America, that hit at the heart of the economic despair that ravages this country.  We better put out a face of the future, a person that can speak conservatism to the masses.  We need a new type of conservative candidate, and we have to find that person quickly.

Otherwise, enjoy Christie 2016.

CU Conversations – Mark Davis

CUTalks-MarkDavis-1200x300Mark Davis is one of the most successful radio talk show hosts and conservative commentators in America. The longtime host of the Mark Davis Show on 660 AM, his show has been a reliable source for opinions and passion on topics from around Dallas-Ft. Worth, across the nation and around the world. The show is marked by unpredictability, a fast pace, and always a sense of humor, covering topics ranging from politics to pop culture, broad philosophy to consumer issues, to history, to sports, to whatever occurs to Mark and his callers.

He has achieved even greater national prominence in recent years as one of the key guest hosts on the Rush Limbaugh Show, and as the Friday host of the William Bennett’s, ‘Morning in America’. Additionally, he is a columnist writing for and the Dallas Morning News.  Mr. Davis fashions himself a ‘libertarian conservative’, and as such, brings a much-needed viewpoint to conservative thinking in America today.

Over the course of the conversation we discussed the arc of the Tea Party from 2009 until today, the current rise of Libertarianism in the Conservative Movement, factionalism within the Republican Party and how the average citizen can become involved in the advancement of the Conservative movement.

Mark can be found at
The Mark Davis Show
660 AM The Answer
KSKY Dallas-Ft Worth
7-10 AM CT
Fridays 5-8 AM Bill Bennett’s Morning in America
Salem Communications

To Listen online, blogs, pics, videos:
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Learning to Fight Smart

It’s no secret that the Democrat Party knows how to win, and has absolutely won the culture, conventional wisdom, public opinion, etc.  If we want to win long-term we have to figure out what we are doing wrong, and stop doing that. We have to figure out what they are doing right, and copy it.

We can copy many of their tactics, and use them to achieve our strategic objectives.

Today I saw an example of a group doing two things right, one thing completely wrong, and thus losing completely and providing ammo to the enemy. It’s a little story, a little event – but in the end, everything starts that way, so let’s look at this one and maybe learn from it.


Some City Councilwoman in San Antonio was caught saying some homophobic stuff. Public denunciation by liberal city officials ensued, demands for her resignation, etc. The typical thing. Elected officials say harmful things all the time. It makes no sense to spend any time trying to find that perfect candidate who will never say something the other side will use against them. It makes no sense to spend any time trying to make the left not seize on every stupid thing and try to win points. We can’t change other people. We can change how we react to those other people, how we choose to neutralize a bad situation, or even turn it into a positive.

What DID happen is that the River City Tea Party issued the following statement:

“The River City Tea Party hereby expresses its support for our fellow Conservative, District 9 City Councilwoman Elisa Chan and her anti-homosexual stance.”

RCTPP president, Brandon Burkhardt, also told KENS 5, “She has her opinion and she’s entitled to her opinion and we think she should stand by it and we stand behind her.”


GOOD – A little group like the Tea Party issued a statement to the news media. That’s excellent tactics. You raise your own profile in the community, position yourself as a thought leader and source for the news folks to go to. Make it easy for them to contact you, get copy for their story. That’s good publicity for your organization. Put yourself out there, well done!

GOOD – Stand by the conservative politician who did something stupid. Resist the urge to toss her under the bus. This is VERY important, and it’s the kind of thing we need to go much more of. FAR too often our bloggers, pundits, and consultants will take to the microphone to eagerly denounce the silly thing that the left is getting outraged about. No one wanted to be thought of as crazy or stupid, so they just tossed Todd Akin right under that bus.  Their own ego was more important than the race, than having another GOP Senator. They chose the easy way rather than the “best for the country” way. So, good job standing beside her.

BAD – Explicitly stating that you support the anti-homosexual stance. And now…you’ve killed yourselves, and caused some damage to the conservative movement, and to the Tea Party name in general.

With that one bad, they wiped out the good. How can any outreach to the gay community be successful now? Any other conservative group that chooses to work with you will now have to fight the impression that they are anti-gay. They have limited the potential coalition, dramatically. They have reinforced the accusations that Tea Partiers hate gays.

Would have been quite easy to come out with some relatively neutral statement of support “We support Ms Chan and everything she has done for the City of San Antonio. Her comments were part of a private strategy session, we believe they were ill-advised. We hope that she continues to make political decisions based on the needs of her constituents and what is best for the City rather than personal issues she may have” or whatever.

You stand by her, you find a way to highlight the good things she’s done, and brush it off as off-the-record, and move forward with your own agenda. Always move forward with your own agenda.

We’ve got to get better at this, folks.