Journalism is Dead – it’s all Media Activism now

Journalism is dead – it’s all media activism now. In fact, we should stop calling them journalists and call them Media Activists – or if there’s a better term we’d love to hear it.

The media has gotten SO stupid that it’s tough to tell sincere from satire. So we start out with a game – tweets – real or satire. The real ones are so much worse than you think.

Then we move on to discuss the 7 stages of liberal legal action, and how we can use that framework to make sure we are fighting the battle based on the step we’re currently IN not the one we wish we were still in.

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Seven Stages of Liberal Legal Activism: –

Basics of Media Bias –

Story About First Business to ‘Publicly Vow to Reject Gay Weddings’ Was Fabricated Out of Nothing –

Trust Me I’m Lying –

Libertarians for Compulsion! –

Your Rights Don’t Require My Participation –

Columbia Rolling Stone Report –

Rolling Stone Can’t Even Apologize Right –

Rolling Stone Betrayed Women –

The New Republic’s insane take on Rolling Stone –

If You Understand Economics You’re a Bad Person –

MO Food Stamps to Ban Steak and Seafood –

KS Proposed Welfare Restrictions –

The White Ghetto –

FRN Resource List –

Brady Campaign Video Fail –

Ted Cruz Statement on Rand Paul Announcing Candidacy –

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The Refinery ep.1426: Gruber, Lies, and Cookie Dough

On this episode of #TheRefinery, The Conservative Union’s Leslie & Ryan, The Party Of Choice’s Cori & Andy, and Free Radical Network’s Felicia & JD talk about the #Gruber hearing, the strategy and costs behind the Left’s lies, and the USDA’s warning on eating raw cookie dough!

Discussed During the Show:

Gruber Lawyers Up Regarding How Much Money He Made 

The Most Moving Moment of the Gruber Hearing

Lying for the Cause

Bad Week for Liberal Media

Government for the Strongest

Sermons for the King

Stop Eating Cookie Dough

Limit the Use of Police Force by Limiting the State