Dems in Disarray: Unions, elections, MSNBC, rich leftists

Sharing the good news about unions, elections, MSNBC and Leftists. Then a bit of a downer with some bad news about conservatives in media. We close with a shocking story about roving bands of youths taking advantage of bad weather.

Remember Wisconsin? Scott Walker’s victory there over the unions meant that the public sector unions couldn’t force people to pay dues, people got to choose. Their choice is no. Surprisingly, when unions have to compete for members in the free market they kind of fail. We took some joy in that.

There’s also been dramatic failure of the Democrat Party in Louisiana, worthy of celebrating.

In the media world, super lefty “news” channel MSNBC is having some trouble attracting and retaining an audience, and they’re retooling. Which way will they go? 

Did you hear about what Patricia Arquette said at the Oscars? Pretty basic boilerplate lefty garbage – super rich woman claims to be spokesperson for downtrodden women everywhere. Ho hum. Conservatives and most of America yawned. The left is having a MELTDOWN. Her statement was a “spectacular intersectionality fail”, whatever that is.

The left is eating its own, it’s sad and also hilarious to watch.

But then there’s our side. A group who KNOWS about culture, and fighting for conservatism in that arena, has chosen to spend their time and treasure on an effort that is seriously misguided. Just a very sad waste of precious resources. We do have to call out our own when they make mistakes – because we want them to do better.

We close with a truly terrifying story about a band of wild youths, and really bad weather, and shut ins, and no school, and crazy youth taking full advantage of the cover of darkness to do something unexpected.

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