Division and separation are tearing us apart

Look around and all you see is people dividing each other into groups, separating themselves from others. That’s not bad in and of itself, but it really keeps us from moving forward in any meaningful way.

Pro-life folks position themselves apart from women in need, and can end up positioning themselves as a weird, offensive “other”.

Nanny statists separate parents from the ability to decide what’s best for their kids, and then wonder why kids seem un-parented.

Crony developers get tax breaks to add Section 8 units to their upscale apartment buildings – but make the poor enter through a separate door.

Federal workers make more than private sector counterparts, and don’t have the same concerns about performance, losing their jobs, not having retirement funds etc – they’re a different class, separate from the rest of us.

Not directly mentioned in the podcast, but it really is the theme tying things together – the more we separate ourselves into groups and subgroups, the weaker we seem to become – and the meaner, and unhappier.

It’s all in the podcast

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