CU Talks: Obamacare – worse than we imagined ep.1405


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The more we experience Obamacare, the worse it gets.

Oregon was supposed to be the shining example of how great it could be – with ZERO signups, they’re likely to scrap their entire state exchange and go with the federal exchange. There’s so much corruption and cronyism that people may end up in jail for fraud.

There’s a new CBO report that confirms the worst projections that we anti-Obamacare folks had, from years ago. Originally it was pitched that it would create 4 million jobs. Now….the CBO even projects lob losses of 2.5 million, and a drag on the economy as far as their projections take them.

So…you won’t have a job, but at least you’ll have free, lousy, medical care! The left denies that bad things are bad, they deny that any of this was predicted. It continues to be nonsense on stilts and HORRIFIC policy.

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