It’s The National Security, Stupid

Did the Secretary of State put the nation at risk? Tonight’s show began with coverage of the Hillary presser. The email scandal is still boiling, Hillary finally took a few questions, nothing surprising, all so very sad and predictable. How do we, as conservatives, talk about this is a way that will help our movement, help our side? It’s the National Security, stupid. Hillary’s homegrown email server is a humongous risk to the nation.

We haven’t quite gotten to the point in the scandal where we are discussing that with intensity, but we’ll get there, and we need to be ready for it. So we talk about how to talk about it, effectively.

Next we talked about how to recover from our ongoing disappointments with the Washington GOP. Still recovering from the disappointment with the DHS bill, but now it’s time to look for next steps. Fortunately there’s a stable of thoughtful, helpful writers out there that we can look to. Tying together articles from Jim DeMint, Jon Gabriel, Andy Peth, and Kurt Schlichter we find our way to optimism and energy.

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