Surviving Disappointment – Let Down by Washington, Again

Sometimes it’s just all so depressing – the left, the right, the general public – sometimes all you can do is recognize it and commisserate. That’s an important first step, and helps us get to the point where we can make things better.

The Left had a complete meltdown over Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. Why? What the heck is wrong with them?

The DHS fight is over, the result is as expected – Obama and the Democrats got what they want. What do we do now? There isn’t a consensus, perhaps we’re still in the grieving period, anger, depression, etc – we’re not yet at the solutions stage.

We on the right hold some misconceptions about how low and middle wage families live and use money, If we want to be a more effective movement, with a larger base of support, we need to learn about this.

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary – first there was a foreign government funding scandal, that got tossed off the news pages because of the email scandal. Can’t the Democrats come up with a candidate that isn’t such a scandal magnet?

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