Conservative Ideas Can Win at the Personal Level

Our podcast discussion was uplifting even in the middle of truly depressing news. We started with the great and shocking news of a Philadelphia special election wherein the Republican candidate kicked Democrat butt. Martina White beat at 2 to 1 Democrat voter advantage. Seriously.

How did she do it, and how do we copy those tactics for our own efforts at converting folks to conservatism?

She won by meeting voters face to face, getting to know them, making politics personal. That’s where you reach folks, that’s where you change the preconceived notions. She also changed the language. She spoke about government acting not as a controlling parent (the Democrat way), not as a remote stranger (GOP wants no government and will let you die in the street), but as a partner helping you to reach the success that you want and deserve. THAT is language we all need to adopt.

Then we had to discuss some GOP not-so-good news. With Colorado’s crazy man, and Indiana’s RFRA chaos. There are some fundamental issues, basic issues, that we are losing, why? How do we not do those wrong things?

So we talked about it. And maybe part of the solution lies in not spending so much time retweeting the bad arguments, linking to and commenting on and against the other side’s messaging – but in creating our own instead. Even if we don’t get out in front, we can put our messages out there, rather than just defend against theirs.

It comes back to letting our ideas win at the personal level. One on one, from you to your readers, your friends. Don’t talk freaky weird policy, talk about conservative living.

And our first (I think) conspiracy theory segment – what the heck really happened to Harry Reid???? 

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