Introduction: Krewe Maynard

Who am I? Why am I here?

I put this off as long as I could. As a rule, I do not like writing “about me” posts. I don’t even like filling out the about section on social networks. Other than the occasional status modestly declaring my awesomeness, I don’t like talking about myself that much. As the focus of this blog is explaining and furthering conservatism, I think I’ll just stick to why I am a conservative.

First, the easy answer: I was raised conservative. That alone does not ensure future conservatism, but a good foundation was set.

I have fond memories of listening to Rush Limbaugh in the car with my dad. I specifically remember hearing Rush talk about having half his brain tied behind his back just to make it fair and thinking, “How arrogant is THIS guy? But dad told me to stick with it. I did, and Rush stuck with me, too. I’m still a fan. (As such an admission often does irreparable harm to one’s reputation, I’ll wait a minute for any liberals reading this post to show themselves out.)

When I got to college, I strayed a bit. I mean, it was COLLEGE. Anyone gets a pass for falling off the conservative wagon for at least their first year, right? (Right??) After two years at the University of Montevallo, I found myself at Auburn University of Montgomery writing for the school paper. To say I was surrounded by leftists is an understatement. I was surrounded by people so far left they would make Saul Alinsky gasp. Being somewhat of a natural contrarian, I decided my best response would be to take the exact opposite stance. Fortunately, this was about the time I discovered Neal Boortz, who introduced me to libertarianism. More importantly, he also introduced me to Frédéric Bastiat, whose writings should be required reading for conservatives.

I briefly flirted with the Big L Libertarian party, up until 9/11 (that’s another can of worms post). I now tell folks I’m a conservative with a mean libertarian streak. While I predominately support Republicans, I prefer strong conservatives (which many Republicans are not) and would like to see a stronger libertarian influence within the Republican party.

Along the way, I got married, had kids, worked a lot, went to Disney World once, went to the beach several times, joined some social networks, met a bunch of awesome conservatives on Google+, and started a blog. All in all, not a bad list. I’m happy to be here, and proud to stand alongside my fellow contributors. They are some of the smartest folks I know, and I look forward to seeing where our collective efforts take us.

An Introduction – Holster

Allow me to take a moment to make an introduction and give a bit of a feel for what y’all will be seeing out of me as a contributor to this humble effort. I’m Holster. In part, I’m one of those responsible for this foray into stepping out of the micro blogging/social media muck of truncated thoughts, links, re-shares, memes, and assorted comment thread pissing matches that soils the digital intellectual landscape.

I can’t speak for anyone else here, nor would I attempt to do as such, but over the course of the last few months it made more and more sense to assemble a small group of individuals to present a more cogent presentation of the average American “right wing” perspective on what is going on in our contemporary political, social and cultural landscape. It’s easy enough to spit out 140 character screedlets and other bite sized morsels of one’s take on any given incident of the day, to become engrossed in flinging feces from a slingshot in comment threads over the minutiae in interpretation of what some empty vessel pop media guru or DC careerist said on a talk show or quibble over how some 15 minutes of fame chucklehead said or did something that fueled a riot at the water cooler. Not interested, not interesting, not intellectually stimulating nor entertaining. Not from where I sit. Personally, I require more.

I will never claim any greater status than that of armchair sophist – I’m an average Middle American with an average lifestyle in every way and by all standards of demographic categorization. With that status, the status of being firmly planted in the middle most of average, I have hit a wall. A wall of tired chagrin of being “spoken for” by various pundits, politicians, snake oil salesmen and the random jackass that chooses to foist their thinly veiled bigotry of [perceived] intellect upon the being of me, mine and my “right wing tea bagging Neanderthal” associates. Through the wonders of these here Intywebz, the common ridge runner like myself can do just that. So here we are and there you have it, this scratches the surface of why I chose to participate in this foray into the realm of digital expression. First Amendment – use it or lose it, right?

Oh yes, there will be sarcasm. No, I will not be terribly polite. As a matter of personal protocol I won’t be in the comment threads of my posts much, anything I have to say on the topic will be in the body of the post – I’m not here to entertain your exercises in debate or see your side of things. With that said, welcome to The Spitcracker Picayune. I truly hope you enjoy the reads.

James “Jim” Pisano – An Introduction

As Liberty’s Torch gets off the ground, it came up in discussion that the contributors should take a few minutes to introduce themselves. Well, here goes.

My name is James Pisano, but I go by Jim. For some reason James never bridges the gap to Jim for a lot of people, so I figured I’d put it out at the forefront.

I’m a 14 year Active Duty Chief Electronics Technician in the United States Coast Guard. Nearly all of my adult life has been viewed through the eyes of a career military man, and many of my opinions have been formed through this lens. Speaking of opinions, I will most likely be posting my opinion more often than researched facts. One of the things that I’ve run into in my interactions is a demand for factual representation of my opinions, which I find to be a logically flawed thought. If I were writing about facts I’d make citations to where I found my facts. When I cite facts I’ll link to the source material, but most of the time the research is outside of my area of expertise unless it involves tech specs, schematics or engineering requirements.

I care deeply about the safety and security of the citizenry of the United States of America. As a volunteer service member I recognize the special kind of people that make up the military. We may not all represent a Conservative mindset, but the fact that we volunteered for service, especially in the last decade, knowing what worldwide deployability at a moment’s notice means, tells me that to give of one’s life in this manner is the highest form of self sacrifice many people are able to decide to make. Every one of our Service Members is a treasure, and their legacy should be protected and promoted wherever and whenever possible.

I am these things, in this order: Guardian, Chief, Constitutional Conservative, Husband, Father, Technician. Many will note that I didn’t list religion as a part of who I am. I recognize the importance many people hold for religion in their lives. I personally do not practice any religious denominations, instead choosing to observe my spirituality privately in the confines of my own home and with my family. I grew up Catholic, having been Dedicated but not Baptized. Upon reaching an age where I was able to decide on my own what I would like to do concerning religion I choose my path absent influence, and I’ve been happy with my choice ever since.

I’m an advocate of responsible fiscal conservatism, Constitutional Conservatism, limited Federal Government, States Rights, and Pro-Life concerns. I do not believe the Federal Government, at present, is limiting itself to the constraints of the Constitution, and I believe that eventually the American people will realize, only too late it seems, that their liberties have been stripped, quietly, from their souls. Those who govern our Nation have failed to recognize the hobbles put in place over their power to govern, and I believe it is high time for the concerned citizenry they lord over to endeavor to remind them.

My contributions to Liberty’s Torch will consist mostly of reactions to current events, mostly political, and will revolve around the application of a Conservative viewpoint either for or against the topic being discussed. If you’re interested in a particular topic for me to write about please contact me via Google Plus and I’ll get to writing.

In closing, it is an honor to have been asked to be a contributor to Liberty’s Torch, and I look forward to seeing how far we can reach in our effort to educate and inform Americans about what is really going on with their Nation and its Government.