Equality, Charity, and Caring

A new wrinkle in the LGBT “equality” movement, the latest Clinton Foundation mess, government mandated “charity”, and whether or not Social Justice Warriors care about REAL people,

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Join the weekly discussion about solving conservative messaging problems

A collaborative project of Free Radical NetworkThe Party of Choice, and The Conservative Union. Members of each group come together to discuss messaging successes, failures, and strategies in an effort to make ourselves, and the movement as a whole, better at selling Liberty.

“Because if we can’t sell Liberty, we suck; but if we can’t learn how to sell Liberty, we are defeated”

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Nepal, Poverty, Inequality – and the Free Markets that can help

Help the victims of the Nepal earthquake. Donate to reputable charities, use the guide at Charity Navigator for some pointers  Natural disasters hurt the poor FAR more than they hurt the wealthy. It’s times like this that remind me WHY I’m motivated to help people understand and pursue the benefits of free markets.

After discussing Nepal – and being grateful for new global power India for stepping up so brilliantly, we discuss more philosophical issues – public versus private accomodation, media malfeasance, income inequality.

And how will we ever get past the mistaken belief that conservatives don’t care about poor people?

It’s all in the podcast

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Join the weekly discussion about solving conservative messaging problems

A collaborative project of Free Radical NetworkThe Party of Choice, and The Conservative Union. Members of each group come together to discuss messaging successes, failures, and strategies in an effort to make ourselves, and the movement as a whole, better at selling Liberty.

“Because if we can’t sell Liberty, we suck; but if we can’t learn how to sell Liberty, we are defeated”

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The Modern Liberal Inquisition

The only Inquistion I approve of is one involving Mel Brooks.
The only Inquistion I approve of is one involving Mel Brooks.

History repeats itself.

It is a curious phrase, that certainly contains some truth, but is often misused.  However, sometimes, you cannot deny the practical reality of this simple statement.

The Spanish Inquisition started around the 12th century, in a goal to purge the Catholic Church of heretics.  It persisted in its quest of eliminating all types of supposed secularists, proven or not, well into the end of the Middle Ages, ultimately mutating in form to eliminate all forms of enemies of the Church, from accused sorcerers and witches, to simply our garden variety Jew or Muslim.

We have seen modern equivalents of the Inquisition, in many shapes and sizes.  Some are religious, others are secular, all are political. We have seen this pattern repeat across the globe, as one group or another tries to vanquish the threat of evil from our midst.

I wonder if we are beginning to see something similar in modern liberalism today.

The curious case of Brenden Eich comes to front pages today.  Eich is a successful IT entrepreneur.  Best known for creating Javascript and being critical in the formation of Mozilla (the company that created the popular Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client), he was recently elevated to the role of C.E.O. of Mozilla.

Little did he know he was passing through the doors of hell into a progressive firestorm.

Why did this happen? because of a relatively innocuous $1,000 donation to group pushing for California’s Proposition 8, the 2008 measure that sought to prevent same-sex unions from being recognized as civil marriages.

Yes.  The firestorm was regarding a small donation made six years ago.

Progressives, as they are wont to do, were outraged, and instantly began a campaign to oust Eich.  They formed protests and websites to unite the forces of good against the evil that is Brenden Eich.  Heretics must be vanquished, after all.

Make note of the fact that not a single employee of Mozilla or anywhere else had ever complained of Eich’s behavior. No one, either during his time a COO or in his current role of CEO, ever stated he behaved in anything but the utmost professional manner.  Homosexual colleagues had nothing but good things to say about the man.

Of course, facts are irrelevant to the progressive mob.  He had to go, in order to purify the souls of society.

Eich decided that enough was enough, and the silliness needed to come to an end, so he resigned from his post on Thursday.  I doubt that this is much of a burden for Eich, who is likely quite wealthy.  But Reihan Salam notes that even at this late date, if Eich had recanted his position, he probably could have held on to the job. Eich refused; and for that, I think he should be heralded for holding to his beliefs, which is so rare these days. Salam notes:

Agree with him or disagree with him, Brendan Eich was willing to pay a price for his beliefs. In the grand scheme of things, the price certainly wasn’t as high as that facing, say, Galileo. But would you do the same thing?

Famed editorialist Andrew Sullivan chimed in as well:

He did not understand that in order to be a CEO of a company, you have to renounce your heresy! There is only one permissible opinion at Mozilla, and all dissidents must be purged! Yep, that’s left-liberal tolerance in a nut-shell. No, he wasn’t a victim of government censorship or intimidation. He was a victim of the free market in which people can choose to express their opinions by boycotts, free speech and the like. He still has his full First Amendment rights. But what we’re talking about is the obvious and ugly intolerance of parts of the gay movement, who have reacted to years of being subjected to social obloquy by returning the favor.

As for the progressive inquisitors, they gleefully proclaimed success at the purging of this heretic, with little understanding of the gross hypocrisy and overall intolerance of their crusade.  Their church is now cleaner and purer for the victory; what else matters?  Sullivan again:

Will he now be forced to walk through the streets in shame? Why not the stocks? The whole episode disgusts me – as it should disgust anyone interested in a tolerant and diverse society. If this is the gay rights movement today – hounding our opponents with a fanaticism more like the religious right than anyone else – then count me out. If we are about intimidating the free speech of others, we are no better than the anti-gay bullies who came before us.

It is funny how many liberals, in discussions I have had in the past day or so, are bigoted enough to presume they know my position on gay marriage. Time and again, because I defend the free thoughts of another American, I am presumed to share in his beliefs.  Liberals have now reached the certainty that their way is the pure, unadulterated truth of life, and that any other path is sinful and must be purged, at all costs.

Sound familiar?

The ever-growing intolerance of liberals in America is disconcerting.   That their voices now has such force as to cause the firing of a CEO of a major company is disturbing to say the least.  Apparently American Progressives are ignorant of the true meaning of tolerance, acceptance, religious liberty, and most important, the concept of freedom of speech. Those are all secondary values to the modern progressive movement, secondary to their faith-based cause of ‘moral purity’.  Nothing ever goes out of style, so dig around your closet and pull out your Brown shirts, America.

What most Americans, like myself, actually believe is in freedom for all, equal access and opportunity, but also the fundamental belief of freedom of thought and speech as well as the freedom to be free of oppression. These are essential tenets critical to the American ideal.

Let us stipulate that conservatives in the past have not been free from this kind of behavior.  Neither have past liberals.  This cycle of stupidity continues endlessly.  However, it is stunning to watch a community that honestly fought for tolerance and acceptance for the past several decades becoming so clearly intolerant and unaccepting.

What the majority of us who believe in freedom of thought and speech do from this point on is open to debate. I think most of us feel inherently that something is amiss when a CEO is fired not for an inappropriate action while on the job, but a personal political line of thought he followed six years prior.  The ability to punish someone not for actions but for thoughts is the definition of a type of inquisition; a fascist tendency where all must conform, at serious cost, or be accused of heresy. Sadly, that is apparently where the progressive cause in liberal America exists today.

Freedom Of Speech Is Bigger Than The 1st Amendment


The latest in our litany of free speech debates comes to us courtesy of…Duck Dynasty?

Well, will wonders never cease.

For background:  the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, Phil Robertson, made controversial remarks about homosexuals in the most recent edition of GQ magazine. In response, A&E television has suspended Robertson indefinitely.

Now, the character of his remarks, or if they were really offensive or not, does not interest me all that much.  It is a matter of personal opinion, and let us leave it at that.

But the larger question that arises when we have these controversies is about the nature of the freedom of speech…and I am forever perplexed at how much people fail to understand what that freedom really means.

First and foremost is confusion regarding the 1st amendment.  Why people don’t understand this really is beyond me: the 1st amendment, or in fact the entire Constitution, is about the government’s limitations in restricting the rights of free people.  The First Amendment is not relevant here in the least, unless government gets involved at some later date.

But that, in turn, does not dismiss that this is, in fact, a debate about the freedom of speech and expression.

I think the basic confusion arises in the reality that many people don’t understand the difference between Constitutional rights, and natural rights.  As stated above, Constitutional rights refer specifically to the freedoms you enjoy that the government cannot restrict or remove. Natural rights exist universally, regardless of laws, Constitutions, or governments.

Now, what bothers me most about this is not that Robertson was fired.  I fully believe A&E is in their rights to fire whomever they want for whatever reason they wish.  That is what free association is supposed to mean in a free society.  I don’t believe this is substantially different than other major dismissals of media personalities in recent days, including the firings of Alec Baldwin and Martin Bashir at MSNBC.  We can argue about the morality of each, but legally…the end result is the same.

What bothers me most is the gross hypocrisy of liberals when it comes to defining free association.  That is not to say ‘all’ liberals, but look no further than today’s Democrat Party to understand where that hypocrisy lies.

Let us compare the Duck Dynasty fiasco to another major story that has been circulating.  There have been a litany of cases, in New MexicoOregonColorado, and elsewhere, where private businesses have been told by courts that they must, under power of law and the government, do businesses with gay couples who are getting married.  The businesses include bakers, photographers, and others. These businesses had moral opposition to gay marriage, and were theoretically using their freedom of speech, religion, and free association to choose not to business when they duly chose not to.  The state, however, thought otherwise.

Both of these cases have to do with society’s understanding of freedom of speech and expression.  Both, however, do not, have anything to do with the First Amendment; only that latter case is covered under the Constitution.

But it does go to show how the political Left is redefining what freedom of speech means.  For liberals today, freedom of speech means the freedom to say and do as you wish…as long as that speech is acceptable, non-offensive, and within their vision of morality.

This is why free association is such an important concept, and cannot be separated from the greater vision of freedom of speech, expression, and religion.  If you are not allowed to freely associate (or dissassociate, as the case may be), then your freedom of expression is inherently limited.  One cannot be said to have freedom if those freedoms can be taken away when a specific issue of religion, marriage, or sexuality arises.  That is by its very definition no freedom.

Furthermore, although A&E has every right to fire Robertson…let us also admit that such a firing, based on a religious belief, clearly demonstrates a lack of believing in freedom of speech.  I, for one, would not fire anyone for these beliefs, or others, as long as they don’t directly interfere with their workplace ethic.  It is hard for me to believe that A&E didn’t know that the Duck Dynasty family had some extreme social views; do they not watch their own show?  Robertson himself has said on several occasions that he would quit if the T.V. show infringed on his belief in God and freedom.  So these beliefs are nothing that should surprise the TV executives, or anyone else familiar with the show.

For A&E to now take offense shows, simply, that they are willing to accept the benefits of the Robertsons’ freedom of expression when it brings them easy money, but not willing to face the fire when that same expression is the least bit controversial.

But the mainstream media’s hypocrisy does not end there.  Let us make several comparisons.  What if Walmart decreeed that none of their employees could, publicly or privately, voice a pro-choice opinion, and if found to do so, would be fired?  What if McDonald’s decreed that no woman wearing a Hijab would keep their job?

I personally believe that all the above examples are legal, and the companies have a right to do that.  Liberals don’t, as our gay marriage example above clearly shows.  They want to dictate when companies can be forced into businesses deals, and when they cannot.  That is hypocritical to its very core.

What I believe is corporations and businesses should have every right to make decisions as they see fit, as A&E did here, and as the baker and photographer did in the gay marriage issue.  The correct public response to such behavior is to react with your dollars; individuals at every level have the freedom to associate with whomever they wish, and as such, can hurt businesses who don’t abide by our individual moral standards.

Sure, this is not a perfect system.  Some lewd people will offend others, and feelings will be hurt, families may even be damaged financially, and society will be outraged.  But the concept of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and free association don’t come free.  There is a price to everything, and this is the price we pay for freedom.  True freedom.