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How to use Conservative Small Talk to your advantage, the First and Second Amendments & Liberal Bias in College Classrooms, discuss whether or not the Bill Of Rights would be able to pass in our current political climate

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Why the Bill of Rights Would Never Pass Today –

Feeding Ordinance Ft. Lauderdale – 90 Year Old –

Chef ticketed, facing $2,000 fine for feeding homeless in San Antonio –

Health Dept Tells Church Trying To Feed The Needy: Not So Fast –

The Second Protects the Rest –

How To Win A Debate With An Anti-Gunner – 

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A collaborative project of Free Radical NetworkThe Party of Choice, and The Conservative Union. Members of each group come together to discuss messaging successes, failures, and strategies in an effort to make ourselves, and the movement as a whole, better at selling Liberty.

“Because if we can’t sell Liberty, we suck; but if we can’t learn how to sell Liberty, we are defeated”

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