5 Ways Bush Helped Elect Obama

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1) Bush’s support of the minimum wage increase.

The minimum wage is a socialist policy.  Any time the Government tries to exert force over the market The vast majority of business leaders start at the bottom.

(which is made up of individuals), it’s exerting tyranny over the people.  Minimum wage controls, do not help disperse poverty, or increase the labor force.  They decrease the labor force, increase poverty, and decrease future business leadership.

Higher minimum wages lead directly to the rise in unemployment. (Fox Business News, source of image)

I have much more to say about the minimum wage, and why it’s unnecessary and will do so in a future blog post.  Briefly, it doesn’t fix poverty, it displaces labor, it creates grey and black markets for labor. Since the Republicans supported the minimum wage increase then, why don’t they know?  Do they hate the poor, like the left proclaims?


Henry J. Kaiser Foundation


2) Bush’s policies of Medicare Part D and Various Federal aid programs, that Democrats complain about, but refuse to repeal.
Throughout the 2006 to 2010 election cycle the Democrats complained 1). This includes the Iraq War and Medicare Part D.  Medicare Part D, for all intents and purposes is another 800 pound gorilla of debt.  Like Obamacare, if not cut it will bankrupt America. The Bush administration over eight years added 33% to the national debt (by 2012).


The Democrats don’t really want to cut it, they just use it as a wedge issue, to blame Republicans for massive spending. As far as African aid goes, it would be better spent from the private sector.  Most government aid, to every country is wasted money.  It’s also the reason those countries don’t spend the free money very well.
As well meaning as all of these programs are, they become more and more unsustainable as we go forward.  It doesn’t matter which party passes well meaning laws, if we run out of money, we run out of money.


Associated Press

3) Bush’s Democracy projects, to try and change the world.

We won the war in Iraq against Saddham Hussein.  After 8 long years, Obama finished the policies (badly, which I’ll get to.) declaring that the mission has been accomplished.

But what is the result of that accomplishment?  Thousands of lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan to bring savages “democracy”.  As if Democracy is a sacred goal?  Democracy is tyranny of the majority.  You know what the majority in Iraq wants?

Tyranny of the Caliphate.


Not Bush’s fault you say?  Certainly not completely, Obama left Iraq a vacuum of power.  However, the people of Iraq, by a majority are okay with the Islamic Caliphate of ISIS taking control of Iraq.  If Saddham Hussein was still in control of Iraq, there would be no ISIS.

The people have spoken.  Democracy is a dangerous ideal, our founders despised direct democracies. (That’s why we’re a Republic) This is again an issue of empathy versus money. We simply can’t free every country from their brutal dictator, and like Iraq, many of these people will just choose another brutal dictator.

associated press
Conservatives criticize Obama’s stimulus, but not Bush’s?  You wonder why the American’s don’t see the Republicans as an alternative to the Democrats?
The stimulus delayed the recovery in 2003. Greenspan blamed the war, it was Keynesianism that delayed the recovery.  The recovery kicked in to high gear, in late 2004 after the stimulus spending died down. It didn’t work for FDR, why would it work now (or then for Bush)?How can we consistently be against Obama’s stimulus, if Bush’s was okay?



5) The attack on the freedom to fail (TARP, GM Bailouts, etc)

Michelle Malkin and Reason both, had great write ups on how Bush completely abandoned the free market principles that made this country great to “save” the free market system.  In fact, he set in place policies and government expansion that allowed Obama and his cronies.  The Financial Regulations put in place by Barney Frank, and his equally idiotic compatriot Chris Dodd.  The two buffoons who didn’t see a problem with Fannie and Freddie, wrote 2500 pages of regulations for the banking industry.

It’s not talked about much, however the Dodd-Frank financial bill is the Obamacare of the financial world.

Clarion Ledger – Marshall Ramsey

It happened, because Bush started the path allowing the Federal Governmetn to control private banking through TARP.  The goal?  Fix a problem caused by Democrats, Government and Obama.

While this may seem very negative of former President Bush, it’s brutally honest.  If I had a choice, I’d still vote for Bush over Gore or Kerry in 2004.  Just look at the colossal joke that John Kerry is in our State Department.  Reflection of past mistakes is necessary if we expect to improve.  Bush like Hoover, was a “pre-socializer”.  Hoover tried to expand Government
to help those suffering from the recession.  He even started the New Deal.  In my opinion, part of being a Constitutional Conservative or Libertarian is being a student of history, and seeing where policies fail, and where they are repeated.  Obama similar to FDR tried massive spending to save the economy. By his own graph, we’d be better off today without the stimulus.  That doesn’t even take into account that Obama’s BLS has changed the way the U6 is reported.  Labor Force Participation hasn’t been at 62.8% since Jimmy Carter.

Remember though, all of the acceptance for Obama’s policies came from Bush doing it first.  As childish as it is to point your finger at the other guy, and spout, “HE STARTED IT!”, Bush truly did start it.  Ultimately, that’s why Romney was a bad choice for competing for that seat.

Romney passed the predecessor to Obamacare.  Ryan accepted stimulus spending for Wisconsin.  If the Republican party doesn’t differentiate itself from the Democrat party, why would anyone vote for them?

CU Talks – Obamacare Is A Failure, And It Will Turn Out Fine – ep.032

Obamacare-exchange-550x360This week’s podcast is here!

Today the “fix” of Healthcare.gov was released, and promptly crashed. Obamacare and the website have failed, and will continue to do so. The laws of economics and human nature will not support any other end. The only question is what is to become of America given this failed policy?

  • Single Payer? That’s the goal that leftists openly seek. It may come faster than they dared dream, due to their drastic misunderstanding of the speed with which Obamacare would fail
  • Free Market? That’s the goal that the conservatives and libertarians seek. That reality has been approaching already, it’s already here in many ways. I argue that it IS the result, it WILL be a good thing, and it WILL happen faster than we think.

We should do everything we can to make that Free Market solution get here as quickly as possible.

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How Can Good Things Happen Without Government?

shutdown-closedMuch of the “concern” about government shutdown is that without the federal government, good things stop happening. At least, that’s what the Big Government fear mongers are trying to convince us.

“Shutdown Theater” is all about immediate cessation of the good stuff, making us feel the pain of a government shutdown, so that we will clamor for someone to help us, save us, protect us, care for us! And then…Big Gov’t steps in and saves the day. And then, the most important part…we meekly go back to our lives of drudgery continuing to give Gov’t big piles of our money so that they can live fancy lives “taking care of us”.

Guess what? It’s a lie!!!

Sams Club Fayetteville, ArkansasCostcoThe Feds shutdown the military commissaries so that poor veterans and soldiers lost the savings that many of them depend on. Sam’s Club and Costco immediately stepped in. They didn’t have to discuss or pass any laws or hire consultants, the free market was able to move quickly and make that decision. I suspect that one of the two came out with the message first, and the other, wanting to compete, followed suit. That’s the free market.

FisherHouse1The Feds stopped the immediate payout to families of fallen soldiers, which has allowed them to travel overseas to accompany their loved ones home. The story hit the news yesterday. Fisher House steps in with a solution today.

That’s two different solutions to “problems” that the Big Gov’t folks wanted you to feel the pain about. One solution is free market competition, the other is individual charity. Both solutions were implemented quickly, can be adjusted quickly to meet demand, and are implemented voluntarily by all parties – no confiscation of money involved.

This is how smaller government works.

And it TERRIIFIES the Big Gov’t folks for you to discover this, and understand it in this way.

Because it makes you think….hey,. maybe I don’t have to be a dependent child of the government, maybe I can be a free and independent adult.

Spread this story – make sure to explain it to people in these terms, so that they understand.


Fisher House Steps in: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/10/09/nonprofit-steps-up-to-help-families-of-fallen-soldiers-after-government-shutdown-blocks-death-benefits

Sam’s Club Free Passes to Military: http://www3.samsclub.com/newsroom/Press/1513

Costco Free Membership to Military: http://www.examiner.com/article/costco-welcomes-military-id-card-holders-u-s-a-a-gives-loans-to-service-members

History of the World part 1, Or How I Learned to Love Capitalism

The history of the economy from 1981 (Reagan) to present (Obama).

In 1981, Reagan inherited, what was a worse recession than what “Obama inherited” (we’ll get to that later) in 2009.  The unemployment rate was worse, the interest rates were worse, and the rate of government spending was worse.

Labor Participation Rate

At the end of his term in Office he slashed the progressive tax code to two rates, and got rid of almost all of the exemptions and loop holes.  He slashed the rate of government growth, and helped defeat the Soviet Union.

He also gave us the *highest* level of post WW2 employment participation of any President ever.  It was his policies that carried that rate through 2001.

So Bush I took office in a landslide, most people thought he would continue Reagan’s policies.

They were wrong.  Bush Sr didn’t believe in limited Government and the first chance he got, he increased taxation and spending.

Labor Participation

This caused the employment participation rate to stall out, and even drop down lower than it was at the end of Reagan’s term.  Because Bush I wasn’t a solid conservative he lost to Ross Perot and Clinton.  The first thing Clinton did was raise taxes and threaten to push Hillarycare.

Labor Participation

economic revival.  This helped push the employment participation rate back to where it was in the 80’s under Reagan.


Bush II won over Gore by a thread, and the natural cycle of Capitalism and terrorism took it’s toll on the economy.  Bush started out his policies as a progressive and trying direct stimulus payments.  He then tried tax cuts (but not as big as Reagan’s).  This helped stop the economy from sliding further, but did not grow it to Reagan’s 68% participation rate.


Labor Participation

That downward tail is where it gets fun.  That was another creative destruction bit of capitalism, and having too much money invested in housing.  This was completely a government driven bubble and a government driven collapse.


1) The Government under Carter and Clinton pushed the CRA forcing banks to give bad loans.

2) Groups like ACORN (that Obama worked for) sued large banks to make sure they were giving out bad loans.

3) The Federal Reserve entered the era of cheap money, lowering money supply why below it’s market value.  This made it quick money, which attracted people to bad loans.

4) Democrats increased volatility in the job market by threatening to repeal the Bush tax rate and raising the minimum wage.

 unemployment vs minimum wage


Even though the unemployment rate has finally fallen to 7.9% by the end of 2012, the total labor participation has fallen to 63% and has been stuck.

This is the end result of Obama’s economic policy.  From ObamaCare, to massive government spending, to increasing the tax burden of the job creators.
It all adds up to a labor participation rate, that we last saw in the 70’s.



We need to go back to Reagan’s policies, and part of that policy shift is the repeal of ObamaCare.

Steps to recovery:

1) Cut spending to 18% of GDP.  Shift the way money is spent, to spend the taxes collected last year, not the taxes forecast for this year. REPEAL the Affordable Care Act!

2) Get rid of the corporate income tax, and get rid of the progressive income tax, shift to a flat sales tax of 10%.

3) Massively gut the Leviathan.  The EPA, the CPSC, the DEA, the ATF, Homeland Security, etc.  All of them need to be shut down, and every regulation they created must be repealed.

If we did these 3 things, we’d see businesses start moving back to America, you’d see workers wages INCREASE.

(all Labor Force Participation graphs from BLS.gov)

Meritocracy is not broken… Society is.

Uncle Ben gets meritocracy so very wrong in his recent Baccalaureate Speech at Princeton. Meritocracy, at least in the truest sense, holds no value for nepotism, station in life or “luck”. The Capitalistic society that used to be that which governed economics in the United States fifty or so years ago relied pretty heavily on nepotism and societal placement for one’s upward mobility, but once one found themselves in a place of higher power, either in the private or public sectors, one’s skill and aptitude determined their success while in that office. We’ve reached a point where our elites are generally trained at institutions such as the hallowed halls of Princeton, and because the air in these places is so rarified, it can be assumed while breathing it that thou art blessed, and ye shall be demanded upon as much has been given to you, as is your station in life.

The problem with this, though, is that the verbiage, as noted by Ben, Brad and Francis during the podcast, is deliberately divisive, and intentionally creates an anchor point in the minds of those attending the speech for the rest of the socialism that has become pervasive in our political landscape over the last fifty and more years. Hard work shall not be rewarded, for hard work in support of the greater good, not thyself, is reward enough. Thou shalt benefit only when those around you benefit, and your skill and labor is not to benefit you lest it benefit the greater good before you.

We are not a socialistic society. We, as the human race, were able to prove decisively that communism does not function well enough in practice to implement without being able to meet the needs of the entire population absent the labor of those providing the labor, for when some provide the labor required to support the whole, the whole suffers at the hands of human nature, which seeks the least resistance to subsistence. People will only work hard enough to benefit themselves when communism/socialism is inflicted upon them because to do more than what is required to subsist oneself does not reward the self. This is the one piece of humanity that those who subscribe to socialism/communism have never been able to work around. Human Nature is absolute, and it will always be the downfall to socialism every time it is fully implemented.

This is why meritocracy works. The unfortunate part is that meritocracy is also afflicted with its dose of human nature. Eventually those who are able to earn wealth and/or power will want to find a way to pass that which they’ve earned onto their progeny, or someone who will best see to its continued growth and success. The problem with our society isn’t that meritocracy is flawed… Our problem, as a society is that we no longer pressure those around us to live by the ethics we would rather everyone govern their own lives with. We’ve forgotten what it means to live in a society where you don’t have to worry about everyone around you looking to take advantage of every situation they’re in, regardless of ethics because our society no longer holds a higher value for those who do the right thing because its the right thing to do, especially when no one is looking.

Do not blame what once worked so well to build the America we’ve since lost. Instead blame that which has weakened our society to the point where it is no longer an intelligent thing to trust one’s neighbor with the temporary oversight of one’s family, wealth and property; blame our societal loss of a moral and ethical compass.

And, thus, blame Uncle Ben.

The time stamp in the podcast episode I’m referring to is 10:00. Link to the episode is below, as well as the RSS feed for the podcast.

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