They’ll Make A Weapon Out Of Anything

The left is always on attack, always prepared to turn any slight mistake into a weapon and use it against us. It’s exhausting to always have to defend against this stuff, but it’s what we have to do if we want to win.

In this week’s discussion we talked about recent examples of minor goofs, or simple questions that get turned into weapons by the left, and most importantly, how we are learning to prepare for, and respond to, the attacks that come our way.

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Ezra Klein’s Tostada Moment –

Rand Paul Punches Back –

Get to Cuba Before America Ruins It –

Gwyneth Paltrow and SNAP –

TSA REALLY Conspired to Grope People –

The Amazing TSA Checklist –

Please Remove Your Shoes TSA Documentary –

FRN’s ‘Ready for Hillary?’ video –

Hillary’s “Dead Broke” interview –

When a Facbook Status becomes a Story – A New Low for Journalism –

Hillary’s ‘Spontaneous’ Van Trip –

Students on Lockdown for Hillary Visit –

‘Everyday Iowan’ Can’t Get Close to Hillary –

SNL Hillary Announcement Skit –

Hillary Logos:

Andrew Malcolm – deleted emails –

Rick Wolff – Hillvetica –

CSteven – DOH –

Sam7ToHillary – Preparation H –

Politibunny – Ha Ha Ha –

Ashe Schow – MEH –

Greg Pollowitz – HO –

Carl Todd Hand – replicator –

Michelle van der Broek – queen –

Media chase –

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