Slow Roll

I haven’t posted here recently. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, or that I don’t have anything to say, or that I’ve lost passion…I’ve just been busy. Life, work, parenthood…these things require attention (if you’re doing them right).

Many conservatives are the same way. It’s not that we’re not out there, we’re just…well, busy. We have a lot going on. That’s why you don’t see us doing Occupy style rallies that last for weeks or months. Unlike those people, we have to go to work, get our kids to school, feed the animals, etc. Conservative rallies usually last a day or a weekend, tops. Then we’re back to the grind, off to pay the taxes that fund the parts of the federal budget that aren’t paid for with borrowed Chinese money.

I’m still pretty active on Google+ and on the Conservative Union Community, but those are short, quick posts. Long form posts seems to be more difficult lately.

Of course, this year is an election year. This is the time when advocacy and discussion and social media and all those things are critical.

But where will I find the time? you may ask. How can I be effective?

Don’t give up. Every little bit we can do this year will be useful. If you’re hesitant to get involved politically because you already feel overwhelmed, just relax. You can do more than you think. Keep an eye on the news; check in at the CU Community; talk to your friends; IM your remote friends; email people; write your representatives; donate to a campaign… There’s plenty of “little” things we can all do to work towards the goal of electing real conservative candidates.

Most importantly, vote in November. Midterm elections don’t get the same kind of turnout that presidential elections do.

We conservatives have an opportunity this year to unsettle the establishment on both sides of the aisle. Don’t sell yourself short; get out there and make some magic happen.

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