A Shooting Gallery Of Blame


It would appear that Richard Escow writing for Slate has set a new land speed record for trotting out a gratuitous appeal to emotion in misplacing blame for another school shooting on his ideological foes. This comes as no surprise; this is a favorite tactic of the Progressive Left. The speed in which the ham fisted swings at the Tea Party and Second Amendment advocates are being delivered by the vociferate minions of the control class are speeding up at an exponential rate. Data be damned, all statistics aside, and throw the facts to the wind, there is an agenda afoot and it shant be stifled by antiquated notions like decorum or accuracy! A.k.a “Never let a crisis go to waste.” To assert that there is an agenda afoot is not hyperbole or conspiratorial conjecture. The gun control crowd has had their marching orders clearly laid out before them.


The Left has been salivating over the possibility of pinning acts of violence on the Tea Party since it’s inception and more so after their stunning electoral sweep in 2010. To put it bluntly, that ass handing stung hard and continues to sting to this day. Progressives have fallen back to their go-to tools of accusation, an imagined moral high ground, projection, and attempts to control the language of debate on the issue of gun control. These efforts are not without advocates with deep pockets to champion the cause.

Despite the talking points, deep pockets, and wishful thinking the anti-gun agenda is not making the desired impact or “progress” that it hopes to achieve. Is it possible that baseless and shrill accusations made by those with a transparent agenda to paint those with whom they disagree with a broad brush of tired tropes may not be a winning strategy after all? Or maybe, just maybe there’s a desire by the majority of Americans to let the bodies reach room temperature before slinging agenda driven mud.

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