Scandals Distract Us From The Conservative Cause

Obama-SHHH (1)

Fast and Furious.  Solyndra.  Benghazi.  IRS targeting conservatives.  Department of Justice targeting reporters.

This week, the list of scandals has exploded, and seems endless.

Many of these scandals tell us what we already knew about the Obama administration. That they are highly politicized, they use the mantle of power to target their enemies, and that when they are incompetent and their failures are discovered, they blame anyone but themselves for the error.

As the minority party, the GOP must spend political capital investigating these issues.  It is the duty of the opposition to hold the party in power in account.  It goes to the heart of what we as Americans have come to understand as the basic ‘checks and balances’ of our Federal Government.

But at the same time, we should be wary.

It is very easy to get engrossed into the ‘culture of scandal’.  It gives some of us great joy to be finally shown as correct in our analysis of this current administration.

But there is a small truth hidden under the morass of the Obama scandals.  Not one investigation, not one whistleblower, not one new revelation will truly further the cause of conservatism.

Sure, it will give us a political advantage for some time.  As in past eras of scandal, most hurt the party in power and degrade the public’s faith in their ability to lead. Certainly, Obama’s credibility has been hurt by these stories, and will continue to be damaged.

But although it does give us a political opening, it does not ultimately lead the country down to the path of fiscal and philosophical conservatism.  That is a case that we as conservatives must make separately.  No amount of scandal will convince the public to follow us. It may convince them that Obama cannot lead them, but one does not automatically lead to the other.

So yes, keep your focus on the scandals.  Make sure those in power are held in account, especially if there was unethical and illegal activity. It is one of our duties as American citizens.

But at the same time, keep your eye on the ball.  Our primary focus should always be in furthering the cause of conservatism…and in that pursuit, these scandals are largely a distraction.

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