The Refinery Redux 7/7/14

The Refinery

The RefineryDid you miss last week’s episode of  The Refinery (which you can catch LIVE, Tuesdays at 9:30pm eastern!) The new joint project with Free Radical Network,  The Party Of Choice and  The Conservative Union dedicated to better Conservative messaging?

Then I have great news for you!

For your viewing convenience, we have assembled some clips of just a few of the topics covered in last week’s show, capped off by the full 2:22 long episode, enjoy!

First off, some insight on the bleak political futures for Thad Cochran supporters.

Andrew Peth from The Party Of Choice explains how Chris McDaniel’s #MSSen loss can yield green shoots in Mississippi!

This clip is about the reemergence of the War On Women narrative that the Left had queued up and ready to go as soon as the Hobby Lobby decision dropped:  ZOMG 4 OLD WHITE MEN (and one old black man) HAVE DECLARED SEX A CRIME!

Clip three is another reminder that the Tea Party is pressuring entrenched politicians- and how big a deal that is!  We may (or may not) have lost the battle, but the war is still up for grabs.

This clip is a 5 minute clinic from Andrew Peth on how to flip the basis of the War On Women on its head- Narrative Judo at its best!

The final clip showcases a key problem with Liberal policymaking, and one that we haven’t used enough: One Size Fits All doesn’t work.  Want proof?  Go to Taco Bell.

And finally, here’s the full episode.  It was a great discussion (If I do say so myself) and one that you can contribute to LIVE in our chatroomtomorrow night at 9:30pm eastern.

Hope to see you there!

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