The Refinery Redux 7/14/14

The Refinery

This post was originally published at Free Radical Network but that site is experiencing some technical difficulties, so is crossposted here. 

The RefineryHappy Monday everyone, it’s The Refinery clip time again!

What is The Refinery?  Well,The Refinery is a weekly, open meeting where some of the FRN crew sits down with members of  The Party Of Choiceand theConservative Union to discuss how we can improve the Conservative messaging!

This week, FRN’s ownGeorge Templeton pinch-hits forThe Party Of Choice‘s Cori and Andy Peth as we look for ways to keep people focused on obtainable goals, discuss solutions to the border crisis, and address the current Impeachment cries emanating from parts of the conservative movement.

But why read more words from me about what went on, when you can see it for yourself?

Let’s kick things off at the beginning:  I launch headfirst into the impeachment debate… with an anecdote about the Reform Party; thenLeslie andFishie get into the REAL reasons why so many in our movement have latched onto the Impeachment wagon.

This clip features George Templeton firing on all cylinders as he takes us back to the last time we tried to impeach a president- and laments that we ever tried the botched effort.  This little history lesson also to helped inspire George to write anAWESOME article that you NEED to read as soon as you’re done watching these clips! (Click the link now, it’ll stay warm for ya in a new tab!)

The Conservative Union’s Ryan Bickmore starts this clip off with a question on how we can get our guys to pay attention to the current political realities- realities that Fishie and Leslie remind us are NOT trending towards Impeachment.

Okay, I promised there would be talk about the border crisis, so here it is!  Leslie reiterates George’s plan for the Republican Governors of the border states to use the 10th amendment to put pressure on the Federal Government and the Obama administration, while simultaneously greatly improving the GOP’s image.

In our final clip,  George gives us a brief assessment of Scott Walker as a presidential candidate. While doing so, he states a need for the GOP to have it’s own transformational candidate to “transform the country back the way it’s to be.”

Fishie and I then respond that instead of trying to harken back to the good-old-days, we should instead try to message that we’re going to find some NEW good days.

Last, but not least, here’s the full conversation.  I had a blast as always, and I think you will too! (Particularly if you join us LIVE in our chatroomTuesday night at 9:30pm eastern!)

Hope to see you there!


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