Obamacare != Healthcare

“It’s. The. Law.”

Obamacare is a misnomer. The problem isn’t healthcare. Our actual healthcare is second to none. The problem is who’s paying for it; nobody wants to. And with every encroachment the government makes into the market, the costs go up, as do barriers between patients and doctors.

Obamacare took an insurance system that already had problems and compounded those problems exponentially. Now costs are higher. Fewer people have coverage. We have less access to doctors. We’d be better off if we had just left it the hell alone.

Conservatives saw this coming. Republicans voted against it. And at every opportunity, Obama and his fellow Democrats mocked us and lied to us. Everything we predicted is coming true, yet somehow it’s still a shock to those who wouldn’t listen.

Most conservatives would be less than honest if they said they haven’t enjoyed just a hint of schadenfreude over the last few weeks. It is very tempting to drop some I told you so’s. But at the end of the day, that won’t solve anything.

There are many things about our insurance system that could be improved. But chief among them is repealing Obamacare entirely. It has been an epic failure so far, and pushing back the individual mandate only delays inevitable disaster. We have to stop it entirely.

It won’t be enough to elect Republicans next year. We must elect conservatives who have the fortitude to stand up to the president AND the media and say enough is enough. Republicans who think we can fix Obamacare are either ignorant or complicit; there are no other options.

Let’s do this.


This post originally appeared in a Conservative Union post

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