The Obamacare Circular Firing Squad Begins


Liberal editorialist Joan Walsh isn’t too happy that some of her liberal cohorts are…telling the truth about Obamacare.

Always remember, Facts are racist™.

In her piece in on Tuesday, Walsh goes on a diatribe against the traitorous liberals who have the audacity to…tell the truth that the Obamacare web portal is a debacle:

Again, Lizza and Klein are describing real problems with the site, and it’s enough to make those of us who wanted a single-payer system say, “I told you so.” All the biggest problems with the ACA have to do with its commitment to working mostly through the existing patchwork of private insurance programs. That’s also the only way it could have gotten through Congress in 2010, though, so saying I told you so is satisfying but politically irrelevant.

So basically, Walsh’s argument isn’t that the Lizza and Klein are factually incorrect; in fact, she stipulates they are basically right.  No, her complaint is liberals shouldn’t be pointing it out, because it may damage the Democrat Party.

Which tells you all you need to know about what kind of ‘journalist’ Ms. Walsh is.

Klein and Lizza (both of whom I have personally scuffled with on Twitter, but have never though of as mindless shills) of course defended themselves:


Twitter - ezraklein- Kind of shocked at this piece ...


Liberal pundit fail- Rush to attack Obamacare site only aids unhinged right -


This is a perfect example of my description of the Left’s Obamacare Debacle Denialists. Many of the so-called media simply will defend this administration and their policies, facts be damned.  If the facts become too inconvenient, well…ignore the facts.  Avoid the evidence.  Delude yourself from reality.

More importantly, this is the kind of infighting we more commonly seen among the GOP.  The circular fighting squad is almost a hallmark of Republican party politics.  But when you start seeing liberals do the same, you know things in Obamaland are not well.

I predict you will start seeing some small cracks in the actual Democrat Party as well as time goes on.  Sen. Jeanne Shaheen just announced she wants a delay in deadline for open enrollment for Obamacare, which is an integral piece of maintaining the individual mandate; how will that go over among the diehard liberals in the White House, who believe that such a delay will cause a death spiral to their signature program?

Another example?  The blame game regarding the website itself. The White House and the Department of Health and Human Services have tried to lay the majority of the blame on CGI, the independent contractor hired to build the site.  That isn’t going to last.  CGI is starting to push back, claiming that overtly political considerations helped delay and, in some ways, substantially degraded the quality of the site.  For example, from the Politico article:

Other decisions were made late in the process, according to information gathered by the House oversight committee. The administration told contractors one month before went up to make consumers register before they see prices, the committee found. The idea of getting through the clunky registration process before seeing prices has been blamed for the poor customer experience.

2014 will get very interesting, when each and every Democrat politician is forced to defend the incompetence of the ACA implementation, the falsehoods told by the President and Democrats to get the bill passed, and most importantly, the increased cash flows out of the pockets of Middle America to pay for this absurd healthcare debacle.


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