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My commentary for the week.

But first, for my friend:

Hodor, hodor? Hodor!


It has been the longest short week I have seen in a while. From the world’s second-most stupidest person (I’ll let you figure out the first) Lena Dunham and her tweets on Memorial Day, that most sacred of American days, to  a Killer Comet hurling dangerously close to us (well, 3.8 million miles, but ain’t it cool?).

Why would I care where you peed, Lena? Are your followers so imbecilic that this is the only thing that interests them? On a Memorial Day, no less? I wish I was as disrespectful and idiotic as you; perhaps I could earn a high salary. Bejeebuz, Time magazine in March had declared her as one of the best Twitter feeds to follow.  Clockwork Orange, anyone?

Get this; starting Saturday, Pentagon has ordered that Rations be cut for Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. They will lose a  hot breakfast and others to work six-plus hours…

Really? Cut my frigg’in VA Benefits if you have to, but grunts in the field, putting their life on the line? No. The richest country on Earth, and we choose that action.  Again, with the dumb people put in places of power and control. Some days I am amazed we haven’t had a revolution yet…

Then there is the story of Catherine Englebrecht, another victim of the IRS Tyranny (yes, that is what I’m calling it), you can read the story here .It amazes me how this is growing leaps and bounds and it is getting some traction. I am blown away by the serious mental issues the “Progressives” are showing.

Then police selling back buyback guns to dealers.  Veteran charged and his rifles confiscated after shooting at a burglar. Feds declare that people that buy weapons in border states have to be reported to ATF.

It goes on and one. One short long week…

My Summary: We, as a human race, are becoming, lazy, stupid, and illogical. Maybe the Fluoride in the water really did screw us up as children. Between no respect for those that have given, and yes it was given, the ultimate sacrifice, thinking humor is appropos at all times, and killing the patient to stop the disease, how much stupider can we get? I mean really, Progressives? Let’s call it was it really is; brain damaged, egotistical, Marxist-Leninists, that have no comprehension of Common Sense.

We need to question everything and look really do a inventory check of our values and our priorities and where they lie.  My god, I really don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican or a Libertarian (Marxists, just go jump in volcano), just stop what the hell you’re doing and honestly re-evaluate your Chi. Ask honest questions, for Popeye’s Sake. Be honest with yourself.

Respect Memorial Day. Be sure soldiers have what they need and don’t get resentful. (Think Newburgh Conspiracy and Pennsylvania Mutiny of 1783). Quite electing El Stupidos. Drink more milk…

Oh, and watch out for a Killer Comet in your ‘hood.


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