My Commentary for the Week of May 19th

Cocky Much

Quite a bit has happened this week. Where do I begin?

Riots in Stockholm

I think I’ll start with the riots in Stockholm. Yesterday marked the fifth day of rioting. Youth setting ablaze businesses and cars. Firefighters were called to over 70 locations, over 30 cars torched, 50 businesses.

Why? Well, a man, an immigrant, in this most perfect of Socialist countries, was welding a machete, acting “crazy”. He was shot dead by police. There is that. Then it snowballed into young immigrants feeling disenfranchised becoming angry and destroying personal property: read poor, uneducated, immigrants angry about the disparity between the poor and the rich, about the racism.

My Summary: Riots in Stockholm? Really? That ‘s like bishops rioting in the Vatican.  Whereas you can enforce equality in society, eventually, it will break down.  We may be born equal, and it may be the most wisest to live the Golden Rule, but eventually, someone is going to blow up because you have something that they don’t. And it isn’t fair. It isn’t right. they should have it, too.

Not gonna happen.

Boy Scouts.

Wow, I should have seen this coming. There are religious arguments, the traditional arguments; What God said is wrong, Boy Scouts is a traditional instution. I don’t care about that,here’s the thing for me. Jr. high and high schools boys and girls sharing lockers, or bathrooms. I don’t see any parents all exited about any school changing the bathrooms to co-ed or the locker rooms, and showers. Now school has nothing to do about sex or sexual preference, it’s about the education,  right? So why don’t they allow for co-ed bathrooms? Because it is inappropriate. Because the young are young, and hormones abound. If you were a preteen or a teen girl, would you feel comfortable taking a shower with boys? Changing clothes? Would you feel comfortable if it was your daughter?

My Summary: Look, I don’t care about your sexual preference. I don’t have enough data to say if it is morally wrong or right. I don’t understand it, but I’m libertarian in that regard. What I do care about is consistency. Homosexuals are attracted to the same sex as heterosexuals are attracted to the opposite sex. It’s not appropriate for girls and boys together in personal spaces, its not appropriate for boys attracted to boys to be together in personal spaces.

IRS Scandal, DOJ Scandal, Benghazi Scandal

This is the administration that keeps on giving, isn’t it? I really wanted to go hardcore on these. I was writing and writing and then deleting and deleting. All you readers have been inundated with the data, I think I’ll just jump to the opinion part, my favorite anyway.

My Summary: I won’t fib, I can’t stand this administration. So it makes it difficult to smack on themwhen it is beating it self up.

Just kidding, I’ll keep doing that. the Cabinets are run by morons. Imbeciles.

We have become an oligarchy. Power rules, ethics lose. Common Sense is gone for this generation. Hopefully, that will change. Maybe a rebirth, say in the 2014 Midterms.

One can pray.

Whew. I need a break. Maybe I will write more, like I said,

Quite a lot has happened this week. Stay tuned.

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