It Ain’t ALL Bad

One common criticism of conservatives is that we never have anything nice to say about Obama, and there’s nothing he has done or could do that we’d like.

Au contraire.

There is one thing I do admire about Obama: Even in the face of multiple scandals, he still strongly, fearlessly, relentlessly presses on with his agenda. Every so often I’ll read something to the effect of, “While we were distracted by A, Obama and the Democrats were doing X.” The problem with that thinking is that the battles we on the right are fighting are all important. We’re not distracted so much as we are overwhelmed by a president and a party who continue to plug along regardless of anything else going on. Just a few off the top of my head examples:

Promote Susan Rice? Sure, why not?
“Complete confidence” in Eric Holder? Yup!
Party at the White House? You betcha!
Immigration reform? ¡Si se puede!
What’s the real problem? Limbaugh!

Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting the Tea Party, secretly investigating the media; none of it has slowed Obama down. Sure, you get a Democrat here or there expressing outrage for about five minutes and then…nothing.

Obama isn’t apologizing. He’s not “reaching across the aisle.” There’s no “bipartisanship.” He’s throwing as many people under the bus as necessary and moving ahead.

Now, I disagree with nearly everything Obama stands for and does. Maybe if I tried really hard I could find some are of common ground somewhere (I think he threatened to veto CISPA? Yay?). It’s not his beliefs or policies I’m admiring here; it’s merely his willingness to say “Damn the torpedoes” and advance his beliefs and policies. That is a lesson Republicans could learn.


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