Introducing – Liberty’s Torch

Today we re-introduce ourselves. No longer the Spitcracker Picayune, we are now Liberty’s Torch:


The original name was always a bit of a trifle, an irreverent nod to newspapers of old. Our new name is a bit more weighty; it has more gravitas, if you will. It fits better with our theme, our self-image, and our principles.

Liberty is the light that has led mankind to the prosperity that we now enjoy, and will continue to do so forever. Each of us must be prepared and able to carry that torch. The torch must stay lit in order to continue to light the way. The flame brings heat and light – and has the power to burn.

Over the coming days and weeks we will continue to work on the site’s appearance, the elucidation of our strategy, and introduce additional contributors.

But today – this is the day we begin.

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