Have the American Ideals Changed?

Reading through the blogs, news articles, opinions and the like, I am beginning to ask myself this question; Have the values that made America, America, changed? Have they shifted so much that black is white and white is black?

30 years ago, if you have asked a teenager about the Soviet Union compared to the United States, they would have commented that Marxism was destroying that country, that America was about becoming anything you wanted, through hard work and personal responsibility. Today, if you ask a teenager about Marxism in America and the the growth of the Federal Government, you would first see a dull look in their eyes, and then they would comment that it’s not important. You see an increase in citizens on the teats of government spending. You see this as been accepted.

You see aliens that are here illegally increasing, and the press supporting this. You see the thought that living on credit and having debt is good; saving is bad.

America, to me, has become like that Star Trek episode, where the children rule the town. All logic goes out the window, and passion rules the day. No common sense, no aforethought.

30 years ago, it was the dream of kids to open a lemonade stand, or sell candy…some type of enterprise, because it was ingrained in us to be fruitful and creative. Today, kids are ticketed for not having a permit, preteens in the ghetto when asked what they want to do when they grow up, declare they want to be a “Drawer”. No, boys and girls, not an artist, but one that “draws” on federal welfare.

30 years ago, in small towns, parents were held accountable for their children, and the town folk were like aunts and uncles; it was accepted that way. Today reporters state that children are not our own, and parents must let the town take part in raising the children.

Sit back and look at the big picture. When we see this happening, what is your decision to counter this? Do you want to counter this? Is this part of a cycle that must happen in order for us to realize the value of what we are losing?


Are we now in a Brave New World?

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