Gun Control: Don’t Get Comfortable

Joe Biden has all but admitted defeat in the current quest for gun control. Oh sure, the headline of this Daily News article says “Biden renews push for tougher gun control legislation.” But, the fact is that despite their constant fear mongering and victim parading, Biden & Co (Obama put Joe in charge of the effort, presumably in an attempt to avoid  having the stench of failure cling to his own person) have gotten little traction on the gun control path.

But DO NOT celebrate yet. Here’s the quote that should grab your attention:

“No matter how long it takes, we’re going to do something about it,” Biden said. “We’ve got a majority but not the supermajority needed. We will get it; we will be back.”

For once, Joe is right.


Picture in your mind waves hitting the rocks. The waves never stop. They hit, they recede, and they come back, again and again and again. Eventually, even the rocks give way to damage erosion.

The Left behaves much the same way. Remember Hillarycare? It never really went away, it just got delayed. In fact, the push for government healthcare has a pretty long historyGay marriage? Yup, been working on that, too. Gun control has had its moments, too. Sadly, many of those moments came in the wake of gun violence and on the backs of victims.

The primary difference with gun control as opposed to healthcare or gay marriage is that guns are tangible; you can touch them, and you can own them, and many people do. The idea that someone wants to take a physical possession away rightly angers us. It’s mine and you can’t have it! The Left isn’t (totally) stupid; they know that people are loath to give up their property. Over the last few years, many Democrats all but gave up on gun control because it was a losing position. But let a few bodies stack up and you’ve got an instant pedestal for them to stand on and yell for prohibitions they call “common sense” or “sensible” , but which in reality are neither.

Never mind that guns are used in defense of life and property countless times every day, every year. I just saw this article about homeowners in Oregon setting up “Glock blocks” to protect themselves and their neighbors. My favorite part: “Their pamphlets, posted in noticeable spots around town, states: ‘This is a Glock Block. We don’t call 911…'” I LOVE THAT! We’re Americans, and we can take care of ourselves, thank you!

For now, despite the continued bluster, it looks like gun control isn’t going anywhere. But much like anything else the Left wants, they will keep pushing for it. Do not get comfortable.

PS: Will those of you panic buying and stockpiling ammo please knock it off for a while?? And if you’re buying calibers for guns you don’t even have, please raise your hand and someone will be over shortly to slap you. Thanks!

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