It Goes Far Deeper Than Pajama Boy


A favorite tactic that Progressivism employs is that of hijacking the language we use and holding it hostage; not just the written or spoken language, but also the visual language we use, our gestures, our “tone,” as well. I like to call it Velveteen Tyranny; a neutering of discourse and descriptive of any given issue that turns an ideological adversary into an illustrative eunuch. Concepts of common sense, practicality, utility, self-reliance or self-sufficiency are not the friends of the Progressive. These are terms and concepts that are professed and practiced by those right wing nut job Tea Party types. Those concepts need to be softened and “reimagined,” “rebranded,” or refined into a community friendly, organic, free-range version of principal that is not as rigidly expressed or interpreted.

Pajama Boy is only the most recent manifestation, the most recent tool (and I do mean tool) in advancing a milquetoast vision of a perfectly neutral non-aggressive world. A world without risk, a world where reward comes in the form of a lab rat’s pellet as reward for completing a reinforced, rote behavior.


One of my greatest pet peeves in this horn-rimmed brave new hipster world is the concept of “Life Hacking.” Not only does the term itself hit my urban ridge runner ears with a high pitched screech of nerdling’s calling out from the basement for their mothers to bring them another cup of Chai, it “celebrates” the acquisition of simple skills, like cutting a hole in an empty milk jug, as if it were an act of inventiveness never before seen. Here’s a, “pro tip” kids, go talk to your parents or preferably your grandparents. They are walking encyclopedias when it comes to this kind of thing. Oh, wait, that would require a familial structure and interaction. Never mind. The other aspect to this, going back to the hijacking of the verbal and visual language premise, is that there is another group of folks who practice and promote these handy tips and simple tricks. They are called rednecks, or hillbillies, or preppers, or a handful of other unsavory terms that don’t view putting a bunch of tea candles under a flowerpot and calling it a space heater as an act of inspired innovation. Fire hot, Cletus know how to make warm from fire.


Another tool being employed to completely castrate anything resembling descriptive discourse is this ridiculous notion called, “microaggression.” If you are not familiar with this concept, imagine if you will, political correctness on steroids. A microaggression is any perceived affront to ones psyche or that affirms ones sense of self-doubt or self-hatred. Your insecurities are not your own, they are the product of ones surroundings and interactions forcing the dark side of the human condition upon you. Are you insecure about your gender? We got your back. Racism? You bet your ass it’s in any and all conversations that you take part in. Are you insecure about your physical abilities? This is the place for you my non-gender specific differently abled community member! Microaggression is really nothing more than an extension of the Unfair Project’s straight up assertion that if you are white, you are inherently privileged, racist and completely ignorant of the fact.

For the purposes of this post I’m going to leave you with one last example of the coordinated attempt by the Progressive Left to control the language of debate, to stifle and manipulate the verbiage itself and not the merits of an issue. They simply cannot enter the arena of ideas without first picking the referees.

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