I went to the Japanese Gardens in Ft. Worth today. It was enlightening. I walked around, looked at the Poi, watched people as they interacted with each other…lovers, mothers and daughters, businessmen/women, children. They were relaxed, fluid…
…I sat down, rested, meditated without forethought to do it, it just came upon me. I looked down at a tree from a raised position, and saw a lizard trying to balance from one leaf to another. I saw her falter and sway, pause and then reattempt to climb to another limb. At one one point she just stopped, remained motionless. She then continued, moving until she was out of sight.
I saw a dragonfly. I haven’t seen one since I was a kid. She seems to have found a favorite Maple tree. She just stayed in the vicinity.
I’m blabbering, I know. I feel like being random. There is no rhyme or reason to this blog, just…typing. I think I am asleep.
I went to the Japanese Garden today. You should go, you might find a breath of fresh random rambling.

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