Explain Again How Taxes Create Business?

So, someone, anyone, explain to me how this helps. Forego the graphs and 10-year charts on gains and domestic growth. Let’s get to the core of it, shall we?

Let us say that I own a flower shop. I have say, 6 employees. I pay them about…oh, I don’t know,  $28-$35,000 a year. so that’s what? $168,000-$210,000? Now, let’s not forget my income from this. It is, after all my business: $45,000. Does that sound fair for a business that I had to take a risk on a loan with? So that brings me up to…$255,000. Ok. This doesn’t include the overhead for:


A whole bevy of other things…so let’s just make that a nice round number of oh, I don’t know, $300,000? Now, the objective of a business boys and girls is to what? Say it with me; make profit .Such a dirty word now….The other objective is to…grow.

I’m a single business owner, who lists my profits as about $310,000 not subtracting for all the above.

According to the statist: I’m wealthy, and I have needs to pay that 38%.

In fact, I need to pay just a little more.

After being wallet-raped, I can’t:

1) Expand to another building: I need money for that.

2) Hire more people: I need money for that.

Can someone explain why I am not the 99%

Flame away, you statist lap-dogs…

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