Evangelical Conservatism

mission 057Thanks to Leslie P for sharing a post today about how we conservatives need to act more like liberals. I agree that it is time to change our tactics and to work like liberals do. I think Leslie’s comparison of the ways liberals are similar to Evangelicals is spot on.

As one who has spent two years as a full time missionary in a foreign country please allow me to share a few of the things that I found very effective in this method.

1. Living the principles and being happy. I have seen the change in my happiness and state of mind between when I live the principles that I am taught in my church and when I am not living according to those teachings. Since Conservatism has essentially those same principles of kindness, love, service, hard work, self reliance, family, study etc… I can also say that living a conservative lifestyle makes me a much happier person. Often when a person sees how happy you are, especially if they knew you when you weren’t happy, they will ask why. This will give you a chance to tell them why and this also brings me to my second point.

2. Be able to testify of the truth through personal experience. Being able to tell someone for example that welfare is only supposed to be a temporary help for you to learn new skills and get back on your feet is much more powerful coming from someone like +Te Tillet who was on welfare at one point in her life, but worked hard to better herself and get back on her feet then coming from someone like me who has only recently graduated from college and been in a career under 10 years. Her family will also benefit immeasurably from her hard work and character because when they come across struggles in their lives they will be able to look back on that example. Stick to the conservative principles that you know and testify of them through the power borne of experience.

3. My third and final point is service. Most of the close relationships I have in my life were either started or have been strengthened through acts of service. When we serve others we come to know and love them far better than any other way. As you work hard side by side with someone you get to see not only the face they put on out in public, but their inner self as well. They will open up to you as you open your heart to them in service. This is where lasting relationships will be forged and where trust will be gained. As we are out serving in our communities it will inspire others to go and do likewise and we can make this country a better place one neighborhood at a time.

Join with me in reaching out to those in your circles of influence and speaking of the conservative principles that have made your life better. But don’t just tell them, show them through your example and service.

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