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Many tactics support a few strategies which help accomplish the goal. What’s the current state of play, how are we doing? Actually – quite well! Let’s step back and have a look.

Tactically we’re working multiple angles, and they may seem in conflict, but they aren’t, not at all, and a few of our great thinkiers are putting the pieces together for us. One tactic was to Defund Obamacare, that action clearly supported the goal of Repeal, and also woke up and energized the base, clarified our message to the public – the GOP opposes Obamacare, always and forever. The current tactic of passing Upton/Landrieu is not a capitulation, not a muddying of the waters. It is, in fact, a desperate attempt to do whatever we can to lessen the daily pain for Americans, while the political solution is still in process. It’s not an either-or, and it’s not a reversal. Felicia Cravens explained it well in her article, Walk and Chew Gum

The great news is that the strategy of focusing on Obamacare is beginning to bear fruit, and really help us move the needle on the ultimate goal of proving Progressivism to be a failure, and reinvigorating the public call for Free Markets. Yes, the focue on Ending Obamacare is a goal in itself, but it also serves the longer-term goal of reversing Progressivism. Obamacare is the big public issue, the Big Government failure that touches all American lives, and that we can use to prove what we’ve been saying all along – Government is not the solution. Government is the problem. Polls are bearing witness to the success of this strategy. As Ace explains – Big Government ideas seem really great, in theory, then they begin to get implemented and, of course, they fail, and the people change their opinions. There’s been a reversal in opinions as to whether the Federal Government should ensure Americans have Health Coverage. This is our moment to seize.

A writer at the liberal rag Politico understands the threat to Liberalism posed by Obamacare – not just its failure, but its “successes” as well.  We have to hit this message.


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