CU Talks – Shutdown Theater – ep.024

The Federal Government shutdown on October 1. Nikos and I review a bit of the constitutional justification for the House choosing not to fund certain programs, in this case Obamacare. Mostly we talk about how the shutdown has been implemented. The Administration started off as “President Stompy Foot” and his buddy Harry Reid the whiner – complaining that the GOP wasn’t giving in to their demands. Their next step was to be horribly petty and vindictive. Most of my commentary on Google Plus over the last week has been titled Petty, Vindictive Shutdown Theater. Now, the Administration has moved to the 3rd stage – Jack-Booted Thugs. They’re blockading private businesses, removing old people from their homes, the stench of desperation is strong.

That which is in the control of government can and will be used against the people as leverage in a political debate. – Mike Lee

The reality of the Federal Government shutdown? Quite a lot of people who believed that they had stable, reliable employment are suddenly without a paycheck. Many of these people will get back pay once it’s over, turning this into a paid vacation, but they’ll have to make it through a few weeks without income. Others, government contractors, likely will lose their pay.  It’s the same thing that has happened to millions over the last few years, although these guys don’t get the benefit of knowing they’ve been laid off, and are free to look for alternate work, they’re just in a holding pattern. So yes, it does suck greatly for a good number of people.

For the rest of us? Estimates are that only about 17% of government is actually stopped. The world hasn’t ended. Yes, some important things did stop, also some stupid things are still happening. What this tells us, if we’re paying attention, is that government can be 17% smaller, and the remaining 83% reallocated, and we’ll be fine. THAT is why Washington is scared. We’re finding out that maybe we don’t need them as desperately as we thought we did. Maybe these federal lands could be state lands. Maybe some of the stuff that Washington has been doing they could just stop doing.

How does it end? The House has to stay strong, and it looks like they’re doing so. Speaker Boehner has a site where you can track the spending bills they’ve passed so far, and see where the hold up is. Hint: Harry Reid.

What can you do? Become the trusted news source. The majority of your friends and coworkers get their news via social media now. They aren’t seeking out the Old Media, they’re receiving it via stories shared by their friends. Be the friend who shares NEW media sources. Share your point of view, share your analysis along with the stories from conservative sources. Old Media is NOT neutral and unbiased, they’ve been lying about that from the get-go. They are liberal sources. It is entirely appropriate for people to get the opposing point of view. Old Media is choosing what to cover, their interests are not the same as ours. The stories you read in New Media are different topics, share them with your friends, discuss them everywhere.

Be a reporter – you have a reporter’s notebook and camera with you – take notes, pictures, and dictation and share it to social media – you’ve just reported a story and now you are an ORIGINAL news source. Old Media is biased to the left. That’s a fact as immutable as the Sun rising in the East. Doesn’t even make sense to bother discussing it. You know the sun rises in the east, and plant flowers, install windowshades according. Do the same about Old Media lefty bias. Just work around it.


  1. How to Constitutionally Fund the Government  – Andrew McCarthy’s article at NRO on how the House is exactly the right group to defund Obmamcare
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