CU Talks – Recognizing Your Opponents – ep.022

Recognizing Your Opponent

Today we’ll keep talking about Defunding Obamacare, with a tactical view. You can’t beat an opponent you don’t understand or recognize, or acknowledge. There’s also a car wreck!

We discussed again the concept of Goal, Strategy, and Tactics as a useful way to think about what’s happening and stay focused on what is helpful  Sort of harkened back to a post I wrote a while back.  We also talked about using the metaphor of war to describe political struggles. It really is appropriate and helpful.

Specifically, we talked about the internecine battles between the DELAY and DEFUND camps, the damage the fight is doing, only because we still don’t have our act together enough to figure out those are two potentially effective tactics, for the same strategy, and if we let each other work our preferred tactic, we can accomplish much.

What about that car wreck? Yeah. Nikos got in a wreck. He tells his story – it’s about Obamacare.

Every week: Current Events from a Conservative standpoint

We will discuss the week’s happenings within the larger context of growing the conservative movement.

  • What does it mean to me?
  • How can we look at and talk about the news of the day in a way that grows the movement and keeps us happy, productive, and successful?

With your Hosts Leslie P & Nikolaos Dimopoulos

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