CU Talks – Rally Round The Flag, Boys! – ep.023

This past week saw the Cruz filibuster in the Senate, and the House standing firm to Defund, Delay, Derail Obamacare. We’re on the brink of a “shutdown” – and I think it’s giving our troops a rallying point. We’ll talk about that, and the Buckley Rule, and some Lessons in how to communicate effectively – to stay on message, and to keep the troops engaged.

The Buckley Rule, discussed at length by Jeffrey Lord, writing at American Spectator  is not about “electable” politcians. It actually said “support the rightwardmost viable candidate” – keyword being viable.  Quoting  Neal Freeman:

It meant somebody who saw the world as we did. Somebody who would bring credit to our cause. Somebody who, win or lose, would conservatize the Republican party and the country.

The new Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul extension of the Buckley Rule is to support the rightward most viable issue, and that issue is Obamacare.

For 21 hours Ted Cruz stood alone on the floor of the United States Senate and vividly battled for “the rightwardmost viable issue.”

In doing so, Senator Cruz has reinvigorated the conservative movement, the Republican Party — and America itself.

The last issue we barely had time to touch on was a matter of style. When you see Cruz being interviewed by the media, you notice that he’s doing it differently than the other guys, but you’re not exactly sure what it is. You want to learn how to do that, but what is it that’s different? Well, Joel Pollack, writing atBreitbart, looked at the recent interview with David Gregory and pulled out 5 techniques that Cruz uses to good effect. Joel outlines them in his articles, and explains them. If all of us can learn how to do these things in our interactions with our opponents, we’ll become better message bearers.

Also included, Leslie’s Reading of  Twas The Night Before Shutdown by Cool Hand Schlute

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