CU Talks – Prepping and the Free Market – ep.027


Let’s dispense with the doom and gloom and discuss how to respond to the craziness going on without being infected by it. What actions can you take? How can you live your best life when all around you is insane?

Moderate Prepping

A way to reduce the stress in your life, and save yourself a bit of money. Apply the principles of redundancy, resiliency and recoverability in your own life.

    • Why to do it – hurricane kills power for a week, truckers strike and grocery store doesn’t get deliveries, bank is closed and your credit card got melted
    • How to do it – a little at a time, a bookshelf in the spare room, buy canned goods on two for one, toss a $20 in an envelope and then ignore it, use those coupons
    • Benefits – you don’t stress out when it starts pouring rain right before you were going to the store – relax, go look in the guest room and get some green beans; you can help your neighbor who just got laid off and is freaking out; peanut crop failed and peanut butter prices will be high for the next 6 months? No worries, you have a year’s supply

The Free Market for Health Care

Obamacare is a disaster, yes, but it’s not the final word. The free market WILL win out, and it will be not just okay, but awesome! There are already examples of people going around the system for their healthcare. American ingenuity and drive for profit WILL give us the solution, much more rapidly than Obamacare can destroy things. Have faith, read the articles linked here. Think about how Lasik and Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry all started out as rich people things, and now almost anyone can afford them. That will happen with regular care, too.

Articles Mentioned during Podcast

Breitbart post describing MediBid and other free market healthcare solutionsĀ

MN Post Bulletin article about MediBid and other cost sharing networks cropping upĀ


Every Week: Current Events from a Conservative standpoint

We will discuss the week’s happenings within the larger context of growing the conservative movement.

  • What does it mean to me?
  • How can we look at and talk about the news of the day in a way that grows the movement and keeps us happy, productive, and successful?

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