CU Talks: New Year! New Show! ep.1401

44080336[1]We debut a new format for 2014 – three hosts, one hour, one day a week.  James Pisano (The Chief), Nikolaos Dimopolous (Nikos) and Leslie P  – passionate about politics, passionate about America, eager to grow the Conservative movement, and figuring out how to do that. It’s going to be a busy, crazy year – come along for the ride!

Well, we tried for an hour, but there’s so much to say, we ran over. We probably always will.  First we introduced ourselves and the new format, what we expect from the coming year, then we dove right in. We mentioned Obamacare, likely to have at least a bit part in every episode. We talked about the Ryan budgets, and the budget misdertion process overall. We discussed our shared hatred of the 17th Amendment and the it weakened the states, and led to this massive centralization that’s hurting the nation so badly right now. Then we talked about the 16th Amendment – just a teaser on that one really – but the very existence of an Income Tax changed the relationship of the individual to the federal government. Change not really for the better.

Then, because it got depressing, Leslie searched desperately for a way to find the happy ending, the positive outcome – she thinks she succeeded, at least enough to allow her to face another day!

Give the show a listen, then use the comments to let us know what topics you’d like us to cover in future episodes.

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About the show:

Every Thursday, 9pm Central, join us for an hour of Conservative Discussion with Real People from Real Places in America, NOT DC and NOT the Media.

CU Talks is the one hour weekly program from The Conservative Union, largest conservative community on Google Plus. We talk politics, with a focus on informing and educating our listeners, and finding ways to create the positive future we all want for ourselves and our posterity.

Your hosts will include James Pisano (The Chief), Nikolaos Dimopolous (Nikos) and Leslie P.

  • The Chief lives in California, is currently active duty in the Coast Guard, and drives a Prius – not because he’s afraid of global warming, but because it made sense for him to purchase it – FREE MARKET, YEAH!
  • Nikos was born in Greece, got here as soon as he could, will be a US Citizen eligible to vote in 2016, and is the American Dream personified.
  • Leslie is a native Texan and a redhead, she’ll cut you.

We may or may not all be armed.

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