CU Talks – Lonegan for Senate – ep.025

Steve Lonegan for NJ Senatevote-wed[1]

Did you know that in two days there’s a chance to get another GOPer in the US Senate? Lonegan for Senate special election vs. Pathological Liar Cory “Hollywood” Booker.

The Shutdown Continues

Also, the Shutdown continues, negotiations happening as I write this. We’ll talk about it, and try not to get TOO angry.

Given that some folks are going a few weeks without expected paychecks, and in llight of the “catastrophic” EBT outage – some aspects of the Prepper Philosophy have been proven to make complete sense

We’re seeing the result of widespread removal of enforcement of many laws, lack of moral clarity in the culture, lack of repurcussions for bad actions. Sure, it’s a cyclical thing, but how bad is it going to have to get before some morality and decency creeps back in?

And then, because all of that talk is pretty depressing, we circle around to talk about our friend who attended the Million Vet March on the Memorials and engaged in the most beautiful act of Civil Disobedience. It’s the people stepping forward, saying no, taking responsibility for themselves and their nation that really give me hope!


Every week: Current Events from a Conservative standpoint

We will discuss the week’s happenings within the larger context of growing the conservative movement.

  • What does it mean to me?
  • How can we look at and talk about the news of the day in a way that grows the movement and keeps us happy, productive, and successful?

With your Hosts Leslie P & Nikolaos Dimopoulos

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