CU Talks – FOCUS on Overcoming Obamacare – ep.028

Until we are past the elections of November 2014, we must maintain our focus on Overcoming Obamacare. The Democrats will do everything they can to distract us. The GOP Establishment will perhaps also try to distract us, but we have to be determined, and focused and keep coming back to that one topic.


In this week’s podcast, Nikos and I talked about Obamacare – the financial impact, why it’s falling apart, how it ends up hurting everyone, and what to do about it. The plan was to only talk about that for the first half, and then move on to discussing the Grassroots takeover of the GOP, but…we got carried away and this podcast is all Obamacare – saving the GOP will have to wait for next week! Listen to the podcast here”

This is, in general, what we discussed:

The Dems will try to distract us with the economy, immigration, and by hyping our infighting, anything to get us off target. We really do need to stay on Obamacare with a SYMPATHETIC tone.

Try saying:
Hey, we tried to stop this, we (the GOP) knew it was gonna be horrible, I’m so sorry we failed. The Democrats ALL voted for this thing, over and over, we tried to get even little reforms done that would’ve allowed you to keep your doctor for another year while the website was being worked out – they shutdown the government rather than allow any little reform to happen. We will absolutely keep trying. We ask for your support.

Forget about the Democrats – they’re a lost cause and not ours to deal with anyway – focus on the victims.for now. Holidays are coming, you’ll be with family – talk to your family, sympathize with coworkers struggling, make clear that we tried to stop it, the GOP, we knew this was coming, we predicted, and tried to stop. The Democrats lied, and it was natural to believe them, they were so nice and you wanted to believe. Sure. I get it.

Ignore the hell out of every other topic. They ask about immigration…talk about how doctors leaving service and hospitals closing to Medicaid can’t take care of the illegals at the hospitals. Turn EVERYTHING back to Obamacare.

They try to get you to talk about grassroots v. establishment – they being liberals. Thank them for their concern, we’re handling that amongst ourselves, Obamacare blah blah blah.

Seriously. Be repetitive. Be a broken record. Get a couple of sad stories, memorize them, and talk about them all the damn time.

Study the tactics of your opponents. They repeat the same story over and over and over again, it makes me insane — but it works. They repeat the same talking points. They turn every question around into an opportunity to state their case. Just watch an interview with Debbie Wasserman -Schulz.  We can do that – minus the dishonesty of course, but use the tactics that are effective for OUR gains.


VOTING TODAY, TUESDAY! If you live in Virginia, vote for Ken Cuccinnelli for Governor. If you don’t live in Virginia, post a reminder and a request for a vote for Ken Cuccinnelli on all of your social media accounts. There may be a Virginia resident who forgot about it, but they’ll see the note from you, be reminded, and go cast that vote that puts him over the top. Won’t cost you anything, could do some good.

An exciting new Hangout Premieres tonightSome Things Considered – a half-hour weekly Hangout on Air show (Tuesday evenings at 8:00 p.m. EST) in which Josh Smith and John-Pierre Maeli will discuss, with various guests, a broad range of issues — political, legal, and…well, there really isn’t a third, all-encompassing adjective that readily comes to mind, but you get the picture. Josh and John-Pierre are members of the Conservative Union, their show deserves a watch. I also have it on good authority that their first guest will be Shawn Holster, former host of this podcast.

Hangout With the Chief Wednesday – every Wednesday, 9pm Central, Hangout live with James Pisano, Coast Guard Chief Electronics Technician, smart guy, fun guy, interesting guy, fellow leader of the Conservative Union, and kind enough to allow me to call him friend. This episode is “open topic”, so join in and talk about whatever you want to talk about!

NEXT WEEK: We’ll talk about saving the GOP from itself. Grassroots vs. Establishment, what we can do, how we can stage a coup – if we want to.

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