CU Talks: Immigration Policy Enforcement, or the lack thereof ep.1412

This week’s podcast began with a cast change. We are pleased to introduce our newest co-host, Antonio Cunningham, but shocked at the departure of our friend James Pisano. Jim took the first part of the show to explain his departure and wish us well. Then we focused on Immigration enforcement policy. Nikos walked us through the LEGAL process that he followed. It really clarifies why legal immigrants can have so little patence or respect for the “plight” of illegals. We touched on what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid thought about illegal immigration in 2003 versus 2014, and how illegal immigration can very easily be the straw that breaks the back of the Nation.


We used these articles to aid in our research for this week’s episode, please check them out for yourself!

About the show:

Every Thursday, 9pm Central, join us for an hour of Conservative Discussion with real people from real places in America, NOT DC and NOT the Media. CU Talks is the one hour weekly program from
The Conservative Union, largest conservative community on Google Plus. We focus on political news of the week, as it matters to you, and with an optimistic spin.

About the hosts:

  • James Pisano (The Chief) lives in California, is currently active duty in the Coast Guard, and drives a Prius – not because he’s afraid of global warming, but because it made sense for him to purchase it – FREE MARKET, YEAH!
  • Nikolaos Dimopoulos (Nikos) was born in Greece, got here as soon as he could
    , will be a US Citizen eligible to vote in 2016, and is the American Dream personified.
  • Leslie P is a native Texan and a redhead, she’ll cut you.
  • Antonio Cunningham is a conservative in a sea of liberals in Atlanta, living the conservative life and providing and example of how it’s done.

We may or may not all be armed.

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